Friday, January 27, 2017

Felicity - Pilot With A Fear Of Heights

Introducing 18-year-old Australian-born, Cape Town-raised and now New York City-based singer/songwriter Felicity, who has today unveiled her explosive new pop anthem called "Pilot With A Fear Of Heights", a song about what it feels like to stand at the precipice of what we want while refusing to surrender to our fears. With a voice reminiscent of Florence + the Machine and Sia, Felicity exhibits a profound range and emotiveness. She effortlessly shifts from taut hip-hop flow, to weary soulfulness, to singing-at-the-top-of-a-mountain full voice, and in between, her delivery is nuanced with achingly beautiful breaks and inflections.

Speaking on the track, Felicity explains:

"I funnily enough hatched the idea for 'Pilot With a Fear of Heights' on a plane... I was looking out of the window, down onto the skyline right as we were about to begin our descent and realized just how high up we were, which took my train of thought on a whole new tangent of fear, how people have different kinds of them, and that a fear of heights is not uncommon. I then imagined being a pilot with a fear of heights, and found the irony amusing and the concept even more so: the idea that someone could be so very destined for something and yet be so afraid to fulfill it."

Listen to "Pilot With A Fear Of Heights" below.

Premiere via PopCrush.

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