Friday, February 9, 2018

Lial - Midas

London-based electronic pop artist Lial, who first came to our attention towards the end of last year with her debut single, "Heart Scars", makes a welcome return today with her second offering entitled "Midas", which once again sees her collaborating with producer Lux Pyramid.

Speaking on the track, Lial says:

"I wanted to subvert the traditional message of gender roles, with women so often positioned as objects seen through the male gaze. We inherit these rich, wonderful stories and myths and I think it's important to re-frame them to enable different perspectives. In this song I look at 'Midas' from another view, celebrating the power bestowed rather than warning against it."

Women in music is a topic that Lial feels very strongly about as she has recently addressed the issue in a (must-read) guest article that she wrote for our friends over at Girl Gang Music.

Listen to "Midas" below.

Premiere via glamglare.

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