Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ellen Krauss - On The Bus

18-year-old Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss had just shared the vibrant and at times surreal video for her captivating new single "On The Bus", directed by visual artist Gemma Yin.

Speaking about bringing the song to life visually, director Gemma Yin says:

"We wanted to make a vibrant video for 'On the Bus' to compliment Ellen's colourful style and personality. She had seen a summery collage animation that she loved so we ran with the idea of shooting her in still photography sequences before deconstructing the imagery to build our own unique world of surreal collage. We meander between recognizable elements from the story of the lyrics and random things from Ellen's imagination in this performance video - it is like a hyper-charged daydream!"

Ellen adds:

"The video for 'On The Bus' really captures the feeling of wanting to escape an unrequited love. Perhaps being drunk or daydreaming on the bus. I love the trippy and surreal feeling that Gemma and her team have produced. Working with them was such a great experience."

Ellen Krauss recently signed to BMG Recorded Music through a new partnership with indie label, Tiller Inc. With her self-taught talent and captivating way of delivering norm-challenging messages, Ellen Krauss is a fresh example of the young DIY generation. Ellen will be releasing more music throughout the year, with her first EP currently in the works.

Watch the video for "On The Bus" below.

"On The Bus " is available now on all digital platforms. Get it here.

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