Submission Policy

Before you contact us please read through this list of things you need to know before submitting your music to Wonky Sensitive:

  • This blog is run solely by one person and one person alone so when I say "we" I mean me. There are no contributors. If you would like to become a contributor, please feel free to contact me directly at
  • Wonky Sensitive DOES NOT accept submissions through SubmitHub, however we stongly encourage you to use it when submitting your music to other blogs.
  • You can also submit your music to HumanHuman and request personal feedback from their growing network of music professionals. If you found us in The Indie Bible, PLEASE be sure your music is similar to what we've shared before.
  • Wonky Sensitive receives anywhere from 50-200 submissions each day which can get a bit overwhelming so please do not get offended if we do not reply right away (or at all), however there are several other ways to get your music on our blog, such as with our various weekly roundup posts: What's In Our Inbox?, Late Night Gems, Monday Morning Melodies and Wednesday Wrap-Up.
  • Since sexism is still very real in the music industry, Wonky Sensitive specializes in focusing primarily on up-and-coming female artists.
  • We currently accept the following genres of music: Indie, Pop, R&B, Electronic and Alternative. Please no Country, Metal, Garage, Techno or House.
  • Following us on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter DOES NOT guarantee that your music will be featured on our blog.
  • Wonky Sensitive accept links from SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Youtube, Vimeo and Spotify.
  • Wonky Sensitive DOES NOT do individual features for REMIXES however you can submit your remix for consideration in our Five For Friday series.
  • Wonky Sensitive DOES NOT do individual features for COVERS however you can submit your cover for consideration in our Under The Covers series.
  • Wonky Sensitive DOES NOT do individual features for MUSIC VIDEOS unless both the single and video are released simultaneously. However, you can submit your video for consideration in our weekly In Case You Missed It series.
  • Wonky Sensitive is currently not accepting offers to conduct interviews.
  • Wonky Sensitive rarely accepts requests to do song/video premieres.
    Click here to find out why.

Submit your music to
Please include the url/embed code to your to your music along with a bio/press release,
photo, links to your social media accounts and any other press assets such as a quote.

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