Monday, September 26, 2016

King Deco - Read My Lips

Following her steel drum driven single "Castaway" as well as her smoldering cover of Rihanna's "Needed Me", both released earlier this year, Jordanian-born, Brooklyn-based indie pop songstress Dana Salah, aka King Deco now makes her eagerly-awaited return today with her brand new single called "Read My Lips", an insanely catchy and empowering pop anthem about not settling for anything less than what you're worth. The single was co-written and produced by hitmaking duo K&OL (Kinetics & One Love), who have previously worked with the likes of Melanie Martinez, Bebe Rexha, and B.o.B, just to name a few.

Speaking on the track, King Deco says:

"I think it’s funny when you tell someone how you feel and instead of hearing what it is you’re actually saying they hear what they want. I feel like that happens a lot when the power dynamic shifts in favour of the girl. 'Read My Lips' is basically saying and re-saying the same thing a million different ways in hopes the person will finally get the message: 'If you're a little uncertain, I'ma give you that 151 proof.'"

Listen to "Read My Lips" below.

"Read My Lips" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Wonderland Magazine.

Monday Morning Melodies #NewMusic

Here are five songs that we find musically satisfying to help start your week off right.

1. Aaryn Rose - "It Only Gets Better"

2. Colette Carr - "Get Dumb"

3. Enisa - "Burn This Bridge"

4. Elsa - "Skintight"

5. Gabriela Geneva - "Easy Come Easy Go"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 17 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Brandyn Burnette - "Karma"

2. Gordi - "So Here We Are"

3. J Sutta - "Distortion" (Lyric Video)

4. Kady Rain - "R.A.D. Moves"

5. Kat Vinter - "Pure Luxury"

6. Kehlani - "CRZY"

7. KOLAJ - "The Touch"

8. Lola Blanc - "The Magic"

9. Madison McWilliams - "Smell the Roses"

10. Nyssa - "Bad Girls (Elegy)"

11. Pixx - "Grip"

12. Rainbow Chan - "Pearled Into"

13. RÉN - "Into The Unknown"

14. Tegan And Sara - "Stop Desire"

15. Tkay Maidza (feat. Killer Mike) - "Carry On"

16. Will Joseph Cook - "Sweet Dreamer"

17. XYLØ - "Fool's Paradise"

Watch 10 more music videos here.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What's In Our Inbox? #68

With so many emails arriving in our inbox on a daily basis it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the great new music that is being sent to us. As much as we would love to give each artist/song their own individual feature, we simply do not have the time to do so. So in order to make things a little easier on ourselves and to help get more music out there to YOU, we've decided to start doing a new feature that we're calling What's In Our Inbox?, which we'll try to share at least once a week. Each post will consist of five songs that we personally enjoyed and hope you will too. Please listen to each song and if you like what you hear then be sure to give the artist(s) a thumbs up and/or a follow on Facebook/Twitter.

1. Miniature Tigers - "Crying In The Sunshine"

2. The Modern Strangers - "Vanilla"

3. Parekh & Singh - "Newbury Street"

4. Sports - "Manicure"

5. Will Joseph Cook - "Sweet Dreamer"

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bishop Briggs - Be Your Love

24-year-old London-born, Los Angeles-based artist Bishop Briggs once again proves that she can do no wrong when it comes to releasing exceptional alt-pop gems as today she has unleashed her latest masterpiece called "Be Your Love", which is featured on the FIFA 17 soundtrack. Serving as the follow-up to last month's "Pray (Empty Gun)", Bishop Briggs further showcases her talent for being both a gifted songwriter and a powerhouse vocalist.

Listen to "Be Your Love" below and be sure check out her interview with Going Solo here.

"Be Your Love" is available now on iTunes.