Friday, July 19, 2019

Cloe Wilder - I Don't Wanna

At only thirteen yeas old, pop powerhouse performer Cloe Wilder is already proving that she is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Following her debut single "Overthinking", released back in late April, Cloe is back today with her second original offering called "I Don't Wanna." Produced by Grammy award winner Jayme David Silverstein, "I Don't Wanna" is filled with flawless vocals surrounded by an atmosphere of acoustics, electrically charged snares and wooden percussion. Armed with incredibly powerful songwriting skills, Cloe crafts melancholic yet fiercely relatable songs that touch the deepest parts of the human psyche while championing the concept of accepting one's mental health issues and embracing imperfection. No doubt about it, this Florida native is definitely one to watch.

Speaking on the track, Cloe says:

"This song is about some of the people that impacted me the most, and I almost let them become a memory way earlier than they should have. Friends are a tough thing for me to write about because I'm so used to playing pretend with writing (my age requires that sometimes), but this is anything but that - this was real, and no song I've written has done reality justice."

Listen to "I Don't Wanna" below.

"I Don't Wanna" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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Talia Stewart - It's Not Me, It's You

Southern California-raised, Nashville-based alt-pop artist Talia Stewart has today released her brand new single called "It's Not Me, It's You", which also serves as the second single following "Look Ma No Hands" to be taken from her forthcoming sophomore EP titled Confessional, due out on August 30th.

Opening with a drum beat reminiscent of The Ronette's "Be My Baby," the single goes on to showcase Talia's haunting vocals lamenting a love lost. All of this takes place over a gothic, urban beat heard throughout. If that wasn’t enough, it's wrapped up with heart wrenching guitar riffs sure to expel a demon or two.

"To me, (the song) sounds like heartbreak. When I was in the studio recording this, I told my guitar player to play like his heart had just been torn apart. It's hard-hitting in its message and production," Talia reminisces when reflecting on her experience in the studio recording the track. On what this single means to her, Talia says,"I think everyone can relate to the message. Mental illness is such an important issue that's finally starting to be acknowledged by our society. This track speaks on that."

Listen to "It's Not Me, It's You" below.

"It's Not Me, It's You" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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Ayia Gold - Blue Skies

Introducing London-based singer/songwriter Ayia Gold who has today released her debut single called "Blue Skies" via Two-Way Street Records and Awal. On "Blue Skies", co-written and produced by Max Herman (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Hamza Hawsawi and others), Ayia Gold offers heartfelt vocals over a soul-laden, R&B-tinged slow jam whilst showcasing her powerful songwriting and musical maturity, putting her next to the new generation of thoughtful empowering female singers currently shaping the UK R&B/Soul scene, including Jorja Smith, Mahalia and Grace Carter.

Speaking on the track, Ayia says:

"'Blue Skies' is an intimate song about the beauty and vulnerability of falling in love. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and the desire for that same openness back."

Listen to "Blue Skies" below.

"Blue Skies" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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EVVY - OOMS (Out Of My System)

New York City-based electro-pop artist EVVY makes a very welcome return today with her brand new single called "OOMS", her first offering in 4 years following 2015's "Tidal Wave."

A glittery electro-pop anthem, "OOMS", which stands for "Out Of My System", is the perfect reintroduction to EVVY who first garnered buzz back in 2014 with her self-titled EP. Having amassed over 8 million+ streams as well as support from Billboard, AXS, and Idolator, EVVY was set for stardom but after receiving unfortunate news about a family member’s health, she chose to take a step back. Spending the past few years refocusing herself and her priorities EVVY is returning to music with more passion and determination than ever before.

"OOMS" was co-written with Brandon Colbein (ZAYN, Liam Payne, Hayley Kiyoko) and produced by Chris Lyon during a trip to LA. On the meaning of the track, EVVY says, "'OOMS' (Out of My System) was written during a time where I confronted the anxiety and depression that I had let takeover my life." The single shows her coming out of the past few years stronger than ever and expelling her inner demons "out of [her] system]." It's a poignant message that is sure to connect with both new and old fans alike.

Listen to "OOMS" below.

"OOMS " is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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Aimée - Break Me

Following her breakout debut single, "Don't Bother" released this past March, which reached No. 1 on iTunes and was playlisted in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Japan and Poland, Dublin-based singer/songwriter Aimée returns today with another flawless pop song called "Break Me." While "Don't Bother" exudes conviction, self-value and principle, "Break Me" commands a strong message too. The track acknowledges struggle, strength and survival and is, without a doubt, set for paralleled success to her debut release.

Speaking on the track, Aimée says:

"'Break Me' is a song I wrote about my experience dealing with anxiety. Anxiety is something I have been dealing with since I was 7 years old. For a very long time it controlled my life. For me I took back the control when I stopped trying to fight it, and stopped trying to change who I am. Although I still deal with this every single day, and I probably will for the rest of my life, I regained my strength by accepting this is who I am and knowing I am strong enough to get through it. I know nothing is going to break me. I choose to be open about my own experiences in the hope that somebody listening, who may be feeling the same, might take the step of talking about it, too."

Listen to "Break Me" below.

"Break Me" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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