Saturday, September 14, 2019

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 54 brand new videos from some of our favorite artists.

1. Ali Barter - "January"

2. Alma Leta - "Flowers"

3. Anavae - "Not Enough"

4. Berg - "What If"

5. CHARLOTTE - "Nervous"

6. Cooper Phillip - "Thank You Heartbreak"

7. Cuja - "New Bitch, Who Dis?"

8. Delaney Jane & Call Me Karizma - "Hello My Loneliness"

9. Dylan - "Sour Milk"

10. Emma Zander - "Bad Dream"

11. emzae - "As This Day Fades to Another"

12. Fox Sinclair - "Soft"

13. FRANKIIE - "Funny Feelings"

14. Genelle - "Told You So"

15. girl in red - "bad idea!"

16. Halsey - "Graveyard" (Time-lapse)

17. HANSSØN - "Always High"

18. HANSSØN - "Dead Wood"

19. Hey Violet - "Queen Of The Night"

20. HOLYCHILD - "Over You"

21. iLana Armida - "Novelty"

22. Joon Glume - "Satisfied'

23. July Jones - "Liar Liar" (Vertical Video)

24. Kero Kero Bonito - "When the Fires Come"

25. Kit Major - "Pray 2 Pop"

26. laye - "sicker"

27. LAYNE - "Money Money Money"

28. Leanne Tennant - "Bring It All Back"

29. Liana - "Give It Right Back"

30. Lilla Vargen - "Why Wait"

31. LOONY - "Dare You"

32. LOVA - "Daddy Issues"

33. Love You Later - "Harder On Myself"

34. Mauve - "Close"

35. Maxine Ashley - "GIRLS"

36. Maya Payne - "Make up My Mind"

37. Miette Hope - "Enough"

38. Nosoyo - "Glitter"

39. Ora The Molecule - "When Earth Took A Breath"

40. Paytra - "Superman"

41. Rahh - "Home"

42. RAY BLK - "In My Bed"

43. RIKA - "Hold On To Me"

44. Rizha - "Money"

45. SA Zeiner - "Could You Be Good To Me"

46. She Drew The Gun - "She Drew The Gun"

47. Sophia Bel - "In My Mind"

48. Sorry Girls - "Dirty Laundry"

49. SVRCINA - "Runaway W. You"

50. thisisNAMASTE - "Not My Fault"

51. VÉRITÉ - "good for it"

52. yergurl - "Girls Like Me"

53. Your Smith - "Man Of Weakness"

54. Zuzu - "Get Off"

Friday, September 13, 2019

New Music Friday #122

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Alexi Blue - "Wavelength"

Alexis Lynn (feat. Malaynah) - "Lobby"

Ali Barter - "January"

ALTA - "Push"

Au/Ra - "Stay Happy"

Avonlea - "Big Kid"

AYU - "Striking Matches"

bülow - "Boys Will Be Boys"

Caitlyn Smith - "Put Me Back Together"

Callaghan Belle - "Kids"

Caroline Romano - "Babysit"

Chloé Caroline - "Forgive Me"

Ella - "Talk Sick"

Emily Burns - "My Town"

Emily Vaughn - "Baddie"

Emm - "Lady"

Esther Vallee - "Insane"

FLØRE - "Bikes"

FLUXX.WORLD - "fave boi"

Fox Sinclair - "Soft"

Gabrielle Aplin - "Kintsugi"

Grace Ackerman - "Blood Draw"

GRACEY - "Easy For You"

Halsey - "Graveyard"

hedara - "Skin Deep"

HIRIE - "Gwan Boy"

I Am Karate - "Freaky"

iLana Armida - "Novelty"

IRIS - "Stars"

IYVES - "My Way"

Jane Q. Public - "Sugar Water"

Jessica Foxx - "Forgive Me Father"

Joon Glume - "Satisfied'

Juice Webster - "You've Not Come To Hurt Me"

Julia Church - "Crawl"

Kinck - "Drip Like Honey"

Kitt Philippa - "Fahrenheit"

Kwamie Liv - "All The Other Boys"

LAIE - "Be Alright"

Lauren Cruz - "Lose My Cool"

Leah Capelle - "know me better"

Lilla Vargen - "Why Wait"

Lisette - "Technicolor Dreams"

Liv Harris - "Hideaway"

LOVA - "Daddy Issues"

Molly Moore - "London"

NAHLI - "Mama's Boy"

Robinson - "Don't Say"

Rule of Young - "Lie Better"

SIIGHTS - "Shoulda Been"

Silver Sphere - "waste my time"

Teischa - "not a sad song"

thisisNAMASTE - "Not My Fault"

Uffie - "Weed & Drum Machine"

UPSAHL - "Smile For The Camera"

VÉRITÉ - "good for it"

Violetta Zironi - "When I Wake"

X. ARI - "Magnetic"

yasaquarius - "U Only"

yergurl - "ICED OUT GRILLZ"

Your Smith - "Man Of Weakness"

Mallrat - Driving Music (EP)

Informed by youthful observations of day-to-day life, Mallrat creates a restless sound that translates into nostalgic pop compositions. The 20 year old Australian artist returns with her achingly sincere EP, Driving Music. Rather than focusing on her often buoyant attitude, the artist channels a sort of slow burning and melancholic approach to her latest work. Giving listeners an honest portrayal, Mallrat creates an unguarded account of personal experiences. Recalling the spontaneous thoughts and feelings that come with growing up, Mallrat creates songs that seek to make sense of these life circumstances through hypnotic melodies and radiant layers of instrumentation. Her all absorbing sound finds an irresistible intersection between pop and indie hip hop. Lead single, "Charlie" encaptures these genres, pairing the timeless track with her wistful vocals. Mallrat embarks on a US tour with fellow Australian artists Allday and Japanese Wallpaper this October.

Listen to Mallrat's Driving Music EP in full below.

Tour Dates:
9/18 // Chicago, IL // Subterranean
9/19 // Pontiac, MI // The Pike Room
9/20 // Toronto, ON // Velvet Underground
9/22 // Montreal, QB @ Le Ministere
9/24 // Philadelphia, PA // Voltage Lounge
9/26 // Washington, DC // DC9
9/27 // Cambridge, MA // Middle East Upstairs
9/28 // Brooklyn, NY // Baby’s All Right
10/3 // Vancouver, BC // Fox Cabaret
10/4 // Seattle, WA // Barboza
10/5 // Portland, OR // Holocene
10/8 // Santa Ana, CA // Constellation Room
10/9 // Los Angeles, CA // The Echo
10/11 // San Francisco, CA // Rickshaw Stop
10/13 // Austin, TX // Austin City Limits Music Festival*
* Mallrat only

Driving Music EP is available now on all digital platforms. Get it here.

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Chizi - Resisting

Originally from Leeds but now based in London, 24-year-old British/Nigerian singer/songwriter Chizi (full name: Chizi Ibemesi) has today released her debut single called "Resisting." Produced by Half Crescent (aka, Ben Mcconnachie) in his bedroom studio, "Resisting", in Chizi's own words, is a song "about having an interest in someone, that you also know secretly likes you back, but then gets you wondering why they are holding back and not doing anything about it." She goes on to explain that, "this message is prominent in the chorus as it is filled with bold statements that you would be thinking and would want to say to this particular person to get their attention and make them take action, which in this case scenario is something like acting on their feelings you know they have about you."

Listen to "Resisting" below.

"Resisting" is available now on all streaming platfoms. Get it here.

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Alma Leta - Flowers

Californa-born, New Zealand-raised electronic pop artist Alma Leta is back today with her latest offering called "Flowers", her second collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Nik Brinkman following "18" released earlier this year.

Speaking on the track and working with Nik Brinkman, Alma says:

"When Nik first sent me the track I was actually locked outside my house feeling a bit sorry for myself and listened to it on repeat until someone came home to let me in. As I was sitting in our courtyard, the instrumental unfurled itself and a story started forming in my head like a memory. Nik's music makes me see little movies in my head so I just write what I see. The narrative within Flowers follows an old romance. Whether it be falling in love or surrendering to suppressed sadness, blooming becomes a metaphor for an emotional release. The characters depicted in the song stand as symbols of these different expressions."

Nik's instrumental partnered with Alma's lyrics and vocals symbiotically dance together to create an dreamy and emotive electronic pop track. The flourishing instruments and multi layered sonic textures all embody a sense of memory and fond retrospective.

"I wanted to delve into how frightening it can be sometimes to allow yourself to feel," shares Almna. "There's a peacefulness and security in being numb. I wanted to use the imagery of a blooming flower to discuss what can be gained from opening up, a strength in being soft. Flowers never think about blooming, they just do it."

"Flowers" is also accompanied by the single's music video which was filmed and edited by Nik himself with the assistance of Alma and her closest friends Pippy McClenaghan (photographer) and video artist Brodie Doherty-Ramsay.

Listen to "Flowers" and watch the music video below.

"Flowers" is available now on all digital platforms. Get it here.

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