Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lune - Healing Song

Having first made waves as a featured vocalist on Adrian Lux's "Teenage Crime" and Swedish House Mafia's "Leave the World Behind", Stockholm-based artist Lune, who is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer who studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, has today unveiled her dazzling new single entitled "Healing Song", an arresting, melancholic ode that traverses the complex road to self-discovery, movement, and healing.

Speaking on the track, Lune explains:

"'Healing song' is a metaphor and a piece. In the lyrics I find my self in a place I don't wanna be, everything is not healing. In the end of the verse I choose the 'light' and accept the 'dark'; the wicked, and in that moment I break free (illustrating the break free by singing Ah ah ah ah ah ah in the drop)."

Alongside the release of "Healing Song", Lune has also revealed a "Healing Routine" that should be done in tandem while experiencing the song. Listen to "Healing Song" and be sure to check out the "Healing Routine" in a series of animated GIFs below.

"Healing Song" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via The Line of Best Fit.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Emalia - On Your Own

19-year-old Australian pop artist Emalia is back with her new single called "On Your Own", the second taste following her more upbeat and catchy first single, "Do Your Own Thing" to be lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, due out this summer.

Co-written and produced with Australian hitmaker Adam Reily, who has previously worked with the likes of Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, Jordin Sparks, and Shannon Nolland, the single tells the story of a cheating partner and explains the emotional journey and thought-processes a person might go through after experiencing such a betrayal. Emalia takes the listener right into the centre of the narrative through her powerful, emotionally raw lyrics and soulful sound. Although there is an undeniable aspect of vulnerability and helplessness in her words, Emalia encourages her audience to stay strong in hard times such as these, with themes of empowerment and self-love prevalent in the lyrics as she sings, "Showed no respect for the love I gave... Go, you're on your own". The track features strong 90’s and 2000’s R&B throwbacks, nodding to the likes of Destiny's Child and Aaliyah, which ties in nicely with Emalia's own original modern-pop spin.

"We started building the beat and from there the lyrics and melody just flowed out of me," Emalia told Popdust, who premiered the single last week. "[It] was probably one of the fastest songs I have ever written."

Listen to "On Your Own" below.

"On Your Own" will be released on March 3rd. Pre-order on iTunes.

Anni - Break Free

Helsinki-based singer/songwriter Anni Mattila, aka Anni has just unveiled her new stunning single entitled "Break Free", a perfect soundtrack for feeling hopeful after the long, cold winter. As usual the focus is on her delicious vocals as she sings, "from excitement to self-blaming, my mind keeps on second guessing, what my heart is saying" over an ethereal electronic soundscape led by a Fender Rhodes piano.

Speaking on the track, Anni says:

"Our mind is such a funny thing. Sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts. We stop trusting ourselves, and start caring too much what if something doesn't work or what others might think. Yet confidence is such a game-changer. If you trust yourself it doesn't matter whether you want to ask somebody out, find a new job, learn something crazy or totally reboot your life, you can do it. It might not be easy, but it's possible."

Listen to "Break Free" below.

Will Joseph Cook - Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)

19-year-old indie-pop wunderkind Will Joseph Cook has today announced his eagerly-anticipated debut album, Sweet Dreamer, due for release on April 14th via Atlantic Records.

The album will feature 13 songs, including previously released gems such as the title track, "Take Me Dancing" and "Girls Like Me". Acting as a diary of sorts of his adolescence and teenage years, the album was recorded in London with production duties from Hugh Worskett and Bombay Bicycle Club's Jack Steadman with additional production by Will himself. Sweet Dreamer is a collection of perfectly formed pop songs that further showcases WJC's knack for writing intelligent and often heart-wrenching lyrics blended together with the pop sensibilities of Talking Heads and MGMT.

In Addition, WJC has also shared the music video for "Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)", a new recording of a fan favorite that first released in 2015, which to date has had over 3.6 million streams worldwide. The video sees Will on the run from the law in a sort of Bonnie & Clyde style chase with a twist! Check it out below.

Sweet Dreamer tracklist:

1. Biggest Fan
2. Sweet Dreamer
3. Treat Me Like A Lover
4. Plastic
5. Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)
6. Alive
7. Girls Like Me
8. Hands
9. Habit
10. Light Of The Day
11. Take Me Dancing
12. For Thursday
13. Waters Gone Cold

Pre-order Sweet Dreamer on iTunes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Late Night Gems #15

1. Asta - "Doin What You Want"

2. Betty Moon - "Sound"

3. Blueyes - "London Boy"

4. Carmen Rosa - "Wild One"

5. Lucy Mason - "Feels Like Midnight"

6. Nelly Malou - "Her Youth Won't Make Him Young"

7. Saatsuma - "Isolate"

8. Sarah Solovay - "Rough Draft"

9. Sipprell - "Trust Issues"

10. Susy Sun - "I Can’t Wait To Get Your Clothes Off"

11. Stinemako - "Blue"

12. wit - "Love's Not Enough"