Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Late Night Gems #66

Ándrea Charls (feat. Utril Rhaburn) - "Island Boy"

Cannons - "Round And Round"

Chelsea Cutler - "Hell"

Emeryld - "Perfect Way"

Evan Giia - "I Don't Like Ur Friends"

Jessie Munro - "Under Fire"

Kate Brunotts - "Suburbia"

Leah Culver - "Get Going"

Michaela May - "Hook, Line & Sinker"

Natalie Holmes - "Hideout"

Raja Kumari - "I Did It"

Solveii - "Your Loss"

SIGNY - "Clean"

Skela - "Whats Wrong With Me"

VIØLETS - "Body Shock"

WENS - "Call"

Julietta - Hard Love

New York City-based Italian-American future pop songstress Julia Libani, aka Julietta has today released her brand new single called "Hard Love", her first original offering of the year following 2017's "Beach Break" and "Runaway". Co-written with Stray Echo and produced by Madge and Christopher Bennion, "Hard Love" is taken from Julietta's forthcoming EP titled Smooth Sailing, which is due out on July 25th. The EP is a collection of songs which sees Julietta coming to peace with her past and finding balance in a turbulent world.

Listen to "Hard Love" below.

"Hard Love" is available now on iTunes.

SUMif - Body

Ahead of her upcoming performance at San Francisco Pride on June 23rd, Bay Area-based singer/songwriter and producer Steph Wells, aka SUMif has today unveiled her seductive and irresistibly infectious electro-pop gem called "Body", the follow-up to her previous single, "Disco Love", released a little less than a month ago. With an unparalleled energy and drive, SUMif has quickly become one of the most buzzing electro-pop acts in the game. SUMif kicked off 2018 with the release of her debut EP, Pretty Cage which garnered praise from tastemakers such as NYLON, Indie Shuffle, and Atwood Magazine. She has also been hailed as a queer artist to watch by key LGBTQ+ magazines such as After Ellen and Go Magazine.

Listen to "Body" below.

"Body" is available now on iTunes.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 36 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Alice Glass - "Mine"

2. Amilli - "Rarri"

3. Anna Aaron - "Why Not"

4. Bantug - "Our Apartment"

5. Cat Turner - "Calm Down"

6. Dounia - "Avant-Garde"

7. Dotter - "Heatwave"

8. Elenoir - "Cloud9" (Lyric Video)

9. Eliza Shaddad - "My Body"

10. GLOW - "Dance"

11. Grace Inspace - "Tame Teens"

12. Jenny March - "Talk to Me"

13. Jessie Frye (feat. Timecop1983) - "Faded Memory"

14. Josephina - "Miles On Miles"

15. Kat Cunning - "Make U Say" (Live)

16. Katelyn Tarver - "Labels"

17. KING - "Mango"

18. Kwamie Liv - "Follow My Heart"

19. Lao Ra - "No Pressure"

20. Lexxe - "Love Me Down"

21. Lola Kirke - "Supposed To"

22. Lyves - "Still"

23. luhx. - "go to hell." - (Lyric Video)

24. Madison Beer - "Home With You"

25. Mereki - "Got It All"

26. Odina - "I'm Not Asking"

27. Pale Waves - "Kiss"

28. Ponette - "Hours"

29. Rebecca & Fiona - "Need You"

30. Sannia - "Go And Get Over"

31. SPELLES - "Light Me on Fire"

32. SVEA - "Don't Mind Me"

33. The Sweethearts - "What'd You Say"

34. Tessa Violet - "Crush"

35. Una Mey - "Butterflies & Red Wine"

36. VALENCÉ - "Doubt Me"

Friday, June 15, 2018

New Music Friday #62

Alessia Cara - "Growing Pains"

Ally - "Lil Mama"

Aly & AJ - "Good Love"

Babeo Baggins - "Mice Or Men"

Betty Who - "Just Thought You Should Know"

BECCAA - "Like A Fire"

Caitlyn Scarlett - "B.I.G."

Cally Rhodes - "System"

Dominique Tey - "Heartstream"

Donna Missal - "Keep Lying"

Dotter - "Heatwave"

Eilish Gilligan - "Patterns"

El Mar - "Sin Sin"

Emily Frost - "Birthday"

Felicity - "Happily Paralyzed"

Grace Inspace - "Tame Teens"

HANĀ - "Traitors" (Radio Edit)

Hannah Jane Lewis - "Frozen Frames"

Iselin - "Bathtub"

Iyves - "Chromatic"

Jaira Burns - "Low Key In Love"

Jerry Williams - "Left And Right"

Jetta - "Hangin'"

Katelyn Tarver - "Labels"

Kiira - "Change My Mind"

KING - "Mango"

King Princess - "Upper West Side"

Laura Rizzotto - "Bonjour"

LEV - "Last Mouth Running"

Lexxe - "Love Me Down"

Lola Kirke - "Supposed To"

Lucy Mason - "Out Of The Blue"

Mae Muller - "Pull Up"

Molly Hammar - "Bathtub Moments"

Natalie Madigan ‏- "No Other Words"

ORKID - "Obvious"

RAINDEAR - "Coins"

ROE - "Hey Thomas"

Saski - "Work It Out"

SHE Major - "Quiet House"

Sigrid - "Focus" (Demo)

Tessa Violet - "Crush"