Saturday, August 19, 2017

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 30 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Ariana And the Rose - "How Does That Make You Feel"

2. Banoffee - "Ripe"

3. Boga - "What Do You Say"

4. Caroline Pennell - "Drive Me Home"

5. Clairity - "Pyrokinesis"

6. DANO - "Your Love"

7. Emma Zander - "Pioneers"

8. The Foxies - "Wander In Lust"

9. G.Smith - "X"

10. Gordi - "Bitter End"

11. Harper - "Bad Luck"

12. I.Am.Willow - "Hearts in the Night"

13. Jessicka - "Wake Up"

14. Kaye - "Cheshire Kitten"

15. LALKA - "Dare You To Love Me"

16. Leadley - "All of You"

17. Liv Miraldi - "Undertow"

18. Lizzo - "Water Me"

19. Loren North - "Never Coming Back"

20. Louam - "No Time"

21. Moxi - "Figures Bathed in Light"

22. Tayá (feat. Yxng Bane) - "When Ur Sober"

23. Odette - "Watch Me Read You"

24. Penelope Austin - "Gem"

25. Phoebe Ryan (feat. Blackbear) - "Forgetting All About You"

26. Ria Mae - "Bend"

27. Rose Gray - "Ring The Alarm"

28. Roses & Revolutions - "Moment"

29. Sizzy Rocket - "Girls to the Front"

30. Somme - "Holding Onto You"

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Music Friday #21 [Massive Playlist]

1. Adanna Duru - "Tape"

2. Aly & AJ - "Take Me"

3. BAUM - "Hot Water"

4. Blessed - "See Through All The Colours"

5. Bonnie McKee - "Thorns"

6. Casii Stephan - "Ghostships"

7. Chelsea Cutler - "You Make Me"

8. Daniella Mason - "Cruel Summer"

9. GIRLI - "Hot Mess"

10. IDER - "Learn To Let Go"

11. LKA - "Losin' My Mind"

12. Louam - "No Time"

13. Me Not You - "Julia"

14. Naaz - "Can't"

15. Naya - "Leave a Mark"

16. PhiloSofie - "Jackie Sparrow"

17. Pontea - "Tied Up"

18. Rachel Thomasin - "Stereo"

19. RahRah - "Quiet"

20. Rashelle - "Hundred"

21. RIA - "Broke Baby"

22. Salt Ashes - "Wilderness"

23. Samantha Urbani - "U Know I Know"

24. Tayá (feat. Yxng Bane) - "When Ur Sober"

25. Wolfy (feat. Ren Farren and Katie Skene) - "Solid Gold"

Five For Friday #Remixes

1. Ashe - "Used To It" (Biyo Remix)

2. Axel Mansoor - "Wasted My Love" (Sleeping Lion Remix)

3. Caitlyn Scarlett - "Human, Being" (Lex Low Remix)

4. Evalyn - "Filthy Rich" (neutral. Remix)

5. SIRMA - "Eclipse" (Salt Cathedral Remix)

LALKA - Dare You To Love Me

Introducing LALKA, the subversive new audio-visual project from a Brisbane-based classically trained musician turned DIY electronic artist. Recently, LALKA has unveiled her debut single called "Dare You To Love Me", alongside an entirely self-directed video featuring and involving women from Brisbane's creative scenes. In the LALKA's own words, the single was inspired by "observations from an outsider; an emotional response to the social and political climate we find ourselves in."

Written the day Donald Trump announced his travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, the dystopian electro-pop track instantly lures listeners in with its opening stark vocals before evolving into a danceable chorus with hypnotic synth hooks. Crafting potent atmospheres that evoke the music of FKA Twigs and Grimes with the aesthetic of Banks, LALKA is an artist who is not afraid to create lavish sounds with a radical edge.

Watch the video for "Dare You To Love Me" below.

"Dare You To Love Me" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Purple Sneakers.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Odette - Watch Me Read You

Introducing 19-year-old UK-born, Sydney-based singer/songwriter Odette, who after spending the last two years crafting her debut album has just unveiled its lead single called "Watch Me Read You", along with an accompanying music video directed by Josh Harris (Middle Kids, Gang Of Youths). "Watch Me Read You" is an absolute pop masterpiece that consists of pared-back arrangements, compelling and assertive vocals, and passionate lyrics. Completely in love with story-telling, Odette’s objective is very simple.

"I just want to communicate how intensely I see things, I suppose. Processing emotion is a common theme throughout a lot of my songs," explains Odette, "Music has been a way for me to discuss and kind of analyse emotions and things from a different perspective, rather than just feeling it."

Odette's songs are deeply personal and see her move from spoken word into warm, soulful vocals, with arrangements circling soul, jazz and pop. It’s no wonder she’s caught the eye of producers and songwriters including Charlie Hugall (Florence and the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Kaiser Chiefs), Jason Cox (Blur, Gorilliaz, Jamie T), Alex Hope (Troye Sivan, Broods) and Paul Mac (The Dissociatives, Silverchair), all of whom clamored to work with her over the past year and a half, alongside LA-based, Grammy nominated Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Prodigy, The Killers, UNKLE), who produced her forthcoming album.

Watch the video for "Watch Me Read You" below.

"Watch Me Read You" is available now on iTunes.