Friday, January 18, 2019

New Music Friday #90

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Alice Chater - "Thief"

Ariana Grande - "7 Rings"

Ayelle - "Obvious"

Becky G - "LBD"

Call Me Loop - "Silly Boy"

Caroline Kole - "Strawberry Lip Smacker"

CUT_ - "Can't Escape This Feeling"

Delaney Jane & Shaun Frank - "Throwback"

Déyyess - "Control"

dodie - "Monster"

Dreezy - "RIP Aretha"

Ea Kaya - "Easy"

Eleonor Léone - "Bite Me"

Ella Vos - "Temporary"

Emily James - "Can't Say Goodbye"

G Flip - "Drink Too Much / Bring Me Home"

Hannah Grace - "With You"

Isabella LoveStory - "Humo"

Ivy Angel x Jei Bliss - "Afterparty"

The Japanese House - "Maybe You're the Reason"

Kate Nash - "Trash"

Katie Keller – "I'm Good"

Kerli - "Better"

KOPPS - "Virtual Reality"

Lauren Aquilina - "If Looks Could Kill"

Lauren Ruth Ward - "Valhalla"

Lilly Ahlberg - "Body To Body"

Lizette Lizette - "Non"

Lydia Ford - "Same Old Rules"

Mabel - "Don't Call Me Up"

Melissa Lamm - "Leaving Soon"

Mackenta - "Hypersensitive"

Mia Mi - "Talk To Me"

MIO - "Nude"

Nervo - "Habit"

OK Button - "Flesh & Blood"

Peking Duk & Jack River - "Sugar"

Rose Gray - "Good Life"

SAYAH - "He's Not Over Me"

Sigrid - "Don't Feel Like Crying"

Sir Babygirl - "Everyone Is a Bad Friend"

Skylar Stecker - "Redemption"

Sofi Tukker & ZHU - "Mi Rumba"

Terror Jr - "Pretty"

Vesper Wood - "Descend"

Violet Skies - "Is She Gonna Be There?"

X. ARI - "Break-Point"

Yaeger - "You Like Me"

Selma Judith - Inner Thigh

Following last year's release of her debut single, "Kind of Lonely", Copenhagen-based artist Selma Judith returns today with her sultry and titillating new single called "Inner Thigh." A combination of woozy R&B beats and Selma’s compelling vocals, "Inner Thigh" is a lustful ballad studded with hazy electronic rhythms. As an artist, Selma effortlessly creates intimate narratives which allow the listener to explore the inner workings of her mind, each track encased in seduction and sexual agency.

Speaking on the track, Selma simply states:

"'Inner Thigh' is a song about having sex. Good sex. That's it."

Already making a name for herself as a talented harpist, Selma has also taken part in live sessions with MØ and Danish producer Vera – whose previous collaborations include the likes of Liss, Goss and Off Bloom. With recent support from Dummy, Kaltblut Magazine, Clash and with her debut EP on the way, Selma Judith's second offering is yet another representation of her alluring talent.

Listen to "Inner Thigh" below.

"Inner Thigh" is available now on iTunes.

Nina Luna - Betrayed

New York City-based singer/songwriter Nina Luna steps back into the spotlight today with her new single called "Betrayed", the follow-up to "Red Flags", released last year. Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Nina herself, "Betrayed" is a thundering pop song featuring driving orchestral drums, cinematic synths, reflective keys and powerfully emotional vocals.

Speaking on the track, Nina says:

"At the time I wrote this song, I was still carrying around resentment, guilt, blame and hurt having to do with past relationships. I realized that in order to finally be rid of that weight, I needed to face it and process it and feel it. 'Betrayed' is about me freeing myself of this victim mentality and coming into a wiser, more mature and open self. I wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the song myself and I'm quite proud of it."

"Betrayed" marks the next phase of her journey. While the sound is distinctly Nina Luna, the listener can hear and feel, in the lyrics as well as the instrumentation, her growth and evolution as an artist, a musician and a woman.

Listen to "Betrayed" below and stay tuned for a lot more new music from Nina Luna in 2019!

"Betrayed" is available now on iTunes.

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LOVA - My Name Isn't

20-year-old Swedish pop artist Lova Alvilde, aka LOVA has today released her witty and anthemic new single called "My Name Isn't", her first piece of new music since last year's release of her debut EP, Scripted Reality, which garnered over 8 million streams and included memorable pop gems such as "Insecurities" and "You Me and The Silence". On "My Name Isn't", LOVA wants her "music to reach a lot of people." She goes on to say, "I feel like I have a responsibility with my music to touch on things that are happening now."

That sentiment of empowering the next generation of female creators is exactly what inspired LOVA's new single. "My Name Isn't" is a powerful reminder to any man that may see her as a prize to be won, that LOVA is in control of her own life and done with being seen as nothing more than an object in theirs. "It is nothing new that us women are tired. Tired of living in the background of men, tired of having to raise our voice to be heard, tired of feeling afraid late at night, tired of always adjusting for men who cannot keep their hands and mouth under control." And LOVA’s really not holding back now, her lyrics cutting deeper as her sound continues to flourish.

"My Name Isn't" will be featured on LOVA's upcoming sophomore EP, due out later this year via Republic Records.

Listen to "My Name Isn't" below.

"My Name Isn't" is available now on iTunes.

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UPSAHL - Drugs

Having released more than her fair share of memorable indie pop gems last year such as "Kiss Me Now", "Rough", and "The Other Team", 20-year-old Phoenix-based songstress Taylor Upsahl, better known mononymously as UPSAHL, continues to prove she's indeed a top tier artist to watch by today unveiling her latest offering called "Drugs", which also serves as her second major label release under the recently re-launched Arista Records. "Drugs" once again highlights the nuances of her inimitable and idiosyncratic alternative pop. Driven by quirky guitar and delicate bass, UPSAHL presents tweet-worthy lyrical snapshots of a party marred by trivial conversation and millennial malaise before offering up her reason for being there in a sardonic admission: "I just came here for the drugs."

Speaking on the track, UPSAHL says:

"'Drugs' isn’t meant to be literal. The song is basically a fake conversation with someone who is acting like they're the shit. I've experienced this a lot, where I'll be talking with someone, and the conversation quickly turns into a name dropping brag fest. 'I just came here for the drugs,' is me saying that I'm not here for the extra BS or the clout that people think is so important. I'm just here for the realness. When listening to the song, I want people to feel like they’re at a party, overhearing a bunch of surface level conversations. My voice throughout the song changes perspective, which reflects those conversations that you hear when you're walking through a party. It’'s supposed to be a feel-good song that embraces genuine people and honest connections."

Listen to "Drugs" below.

"Drugs" is available now on all digital platforms. Get it here.

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