Sunday, October 15, 2017

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 27 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Alma (feat. French Montana) - "Phases"

2. Baer - "River"

3. Bec Sandridge - "I'll Never Want A BF"

4. Erin McCarley - "Sexicon"

5. Femke - "Call This"

6. ILY - "Your Love"

7. Indiana - "Bad Luck"

8. Jessie Ware - "Alone"

9. Joey - "Words Fall"

10. Kehlani - "Touch"

11. King - "Only U"

12. Kylie Spence - "Lying Eyes"

13. Laura Rizzotto - "Red Flags"

14. LAYNE - "!!! OMG !!!"

15. Loreen - "71 Charger"

16. Milk & Bone - "Daydream"

17. Morgan Saint - "Glass House"

18. Nilüfer Yanya - "Baby Luv"

19. Pillars - "Honest People"

20. Pixie Lott (feat. Stylo G) - "Won't Forget You"

21. Pixx - "Romance"

22. Qveen Herby - "Wifey"

23. Rhi - "Cherry Glow"

24. Saysha - "Start All Over"

25. Stevie Parker - "Blue"

26. Sumera - "Faith"

27. Tabor - "Her"

Saturday, October 14, 2017

What's In Our Inbox? #104

With so many emails arriving in our inbox on a daily basis it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the great new music that is being sent to us. As much as we would love to give each artist/song their own individual feature, we simply do not have the time to do so. So in order to make things a little easier on ourselves and to help get more music out there to YOU, we've decided to start doing a new feature that we're calling What's In Our Inbox?, which we'll try to share at least once a week. Please listen to each song and if you like what you hear then be sure to give the artist(s) a thumbs up and/or a follow on Facebook/Twitter.

1. Bo Haan - "Playboy (We're All In Love)"

2. Boniface - "Again & Again"

3. Foreign Air - "Lying"

4. Ghost Loft - "Be True"

5. Klangstof - "Everest"

6. The Knocks & Captain Cuts - "House Party"

7. MRY - "Walking On Fire"

8. Robotikus - "Blame It On The Devil"

9. VOKES - "Screens"

10. Will Joseph Cook - "If You Want To Make Money"

Friday, October 13, 2017

New Music Friday #29 [Massive Playlist]

1. ABISHA - "All That"

2. Amy Milner - "Light Of Day"

3. ASH - "Our Time Is Now"

4. Bishop Briggs‏ - "Dream"

5. Carah Faye - "Gold Plated"

6. Carmody - "Like That"

7. Cassidy Shooster (CA.SS) - "Waste"

8. Ciele - "Sweet Water River"

9. Dagny - "Love You Like That"

10. Ella Fence - "Hollow Drum"

11. Ella Vos - "Mother (Don't Cry)"

12. Emily Warren - "Poking Holes"

13. Fickle Friends - "Hard To Be Myself"

14. Forever - "Stolen Car"

15. Geneva White (feat. Reggie Coby) - "Not The Same"

16. Jane XØ & LöKii - "Let Me Down Easy"

17. Jessie Reyez - "Phone Calls"

18. Kailee Morgue - "Medusa"

19. Kiiara - "Wishlist"

20. Kissy - "Electric Dreams"

21. Larcy - "Chameleon"

22. Lauren Monogold - "Hold On (Dark Before The Dawn)"

23. Lost Kings - (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) - "First Love"

24. Morgan Saint - "Just Friends"

25. Mallrat - "Better"

26. Naaz - "Up To Something"

27. Nola Wren - "Levitate"

28. Olivia Noelle - "Made of Gold"

29. Scavenger Hunt - "Eyes Wide Open"

30. Victoria Celestine - "Can You Hear The Echo?"

Stine Bramsen - L.A.C.K.

Scandinavian singer/songwriter Stine Bramsen, former lead vocalist of famed Danish pop band, Alphabeat, has today unveiled her new single called "L.A.C.K.", a song that perfectly blends together hip-hop-inspired beats with the adrenaline rush of electro-pop in the chorus. Clocking in at just under 3 1/2 minutes, "L.A.C.K.", is an absolute bop from start to finish.

Speaking on the track, Stine says:

"Sometimes you have to create a vacuum around yourself and the ones you love to simply shut out the hate, violence and inhumanity we see around the world every day. 'L.A.C.K.' is about how difficult it can be to find the right balance of being in this mad world with an aching heart while allowing yourself to be happy and present, right where you are."

Listen to "L.A.C.K." below.

"L.A.C.K." is available now on iTunes.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Morgan Saint - Glass House

Following her breathtaking debut single, "You", released earlier this summer, Long Island-born and raised singer/songwriter Morgan Saint now returns today to deliver yet another compelling "moody pop" masterpiece called "Glass House", which also serves as the second single to be lifted from her five-track debut EP 17 Hero, due out tomorrow via Epic Records.

Speaking on the track and video, Morgan explains:

"'Glass House' encapsulates all of the stories told in 17 Hero, and gives the other songs on the EP sturdy legs to stand on. It examines relationships and experiences from my childhood and how they have affected my current relationships, shedding light on the undeniable parallel that exists between the two. The goal of this video was to reflect on my past, and set flames to all of the parts of myself that I no longer want to hold onto. The red flag represents my life up until this point. The viewer watches as I lie the flag to rest-- a funeral of sorts, and when I set everything I've ever known on fire--a moment in which my inherent desire to hold onto everything swiftly disintegrates in front of my eyes. By the last scene of the video, I willingly succumb to my demons with the intention of a resurrection. I must say goodbye to the old me in order to give birth to a stronger, healthier and lighter version of myself. "

Watch the video for "Glass House" below.

Pre-order 17 Hero on iTunes or Amazon.

Premiere via Harper’s Bazaar.