Sunday, March 24, 2019

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 30 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Ali Barter - "Ur A Piece Of Sh*t"

2. ASHS - "A Million Voices"

3. Bianca Bazin - "Heartbroken Fool"

4. Cat Burns - "Cheater"

5. Dounia (feat. Moroccan doll) - "LOWKEY GRL"

6. Eliott - "Shaking My Hips"

7. Emilie Kahn - "Three"

8. iNCH - "Sun & Moon ☉+◑"

9. Joy Crookes - "I Left You" (Demo)

10. K.Flay - "Bad Vibes"

11. Kara Connolly - "Other People"

12. Kero Kero Bonito - "Swimming"

13. Lea Rue - "Watching You"

14. Lennon Stella - "BITCH"

15. Lily Lyon - "Bomba"

16. Lizzy Land - "Messed Up"

17. Lula Miranda - "The Ride"

18. Madison Paris (feat. Bobii Lewis) - "Triple"

19. OSCA - "Youth"

20. Phoebe Katis - "Touches"

21. Polina Vita - "Cherryade"

22. Reese Lansangan - "The Chase"

23. RUUMER - "Downtown"

24. Shingai - "Coming Home"

25. Sigrid - "Don't Feel Like Crying"

26. SOFI TUKKER - "Fantasy"

27. Suzi Wu - "Highway"

28. Teenager Forever - #FAKE

29. Tilsen - "Hurts"

30. Wolkoff - "Last Day On Earth"

Friday, March 22, 2019

New Music Friday #99

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Amaal - "Coming & Going"

Becky G - "Green Light Go"

Clare Maguire - "Vibe"

Claudia Alende - "Scared To Be Alone"

CLAVVS - "Violet Sea"

Daisy Maude - "Volcano"

Dayla - "Closer"

Dounia (feat. Moroccan doll) - "LOWKEY GRL"

EZI - "Glad I Know You"

Froyo - "Heart"

Glowie - "Cruel"

Greta Jaime - "Indecisive"

ILIRA - "Do It Yourself"

Indiana - "Sweet Things"

Ivory Layne - "Heaven"

Jasmine Thompson - "more"

Kailee Morgue (feat. Hayley Kiyoko) - "Headcase"

Kensington Moore - "I Don't Like You Anymore"

Kylie Spence - "Garden"

Lauren Cruz - "Unbothered"

Leah Kate - "WTF?"

Lila Gold - "Happy Idiot"

Liv Dawson - "Pushing 21"

Lizzo (feat. Missy Elliott) - "Tempo"

Lizzy Land - "Messed Up"

Lotte - "Beep Tone"

LPX - "Falling To Fall"

Lupa J - "The Crash"

Luxtides - "Dark"

Madelin - "DNA"

Maggie Lindemann - "Friends Go"

Mari Dangerfield - "Dear Admirer"

Maya Killtron - "Automatic"

McCall - "Ache"

Misty Mtn - "Float On" (Modest Mouse cover)

Molly Hammar (feat. Big Narstie) - "No Place Like Me"

Mouse - "Escape" (Heavy Petting Remix)

NAHLI - "Relapse"

Nemi - "Cant Get Through To You"

Ness Heads - "Paper Town"

pronoun - "temporary tantrum'

Raffaella - "NASA's Fake"

Rainsford - "Passionate"

Rayna - "No One Else"

Rén with the Mane - "Fool For You"

Rose Gray - "Bad Habits"

RYAN Playground - "Luminaire"

Samsaruh - "Subvert"

SARRA - "Natural"

Sartør - "I Swear"

Sofi Tukker - "Fantasy"

Sophie Rose - "1 Day"

Sophie Simmons - "Bigger Than Yours"

Strandels - "Love On Repeat"

Suzi Wu - "Highway"

Tabitha Nauser - "Don't Let Me Drown"

Teenager Forever - "#FAKE"

WHIPPED CREAM (feat. DeathbyRomy) - "Time"

X. ARI (feat. IRA X.) - "Uni-Fi"

Zeina - "Killer"

Xoller - Warning Shot

Introducing Los Angeles-based dream pop artist Ella Zoller, aka Xoller, who has today released her very first single under her new moniker called "Warning Shot", which is taken from her upcoming debut EP, Diamond In My Head, due out later this spring. A solo venture from her work in Brooklyn-based duo PROM, Xoller's music lives in a state of wistful nostalgia for things both past and future. Her debut EP explores sardonic longing and cyclical heartache through melancholic vocals and soaring, ear-catching choruses.

Speaking on the track, Xoller says:

"'Warning Shot' is an ode to addiction. Many of us live in a series of addiction cycles, passing from one craving to the next. Every time we become fixated on something, whether it be the classics - booze, cigarettes, or love itself - we think we're strong enough to ride the wave and come out alive on the other side. But there's always a moment when a warning shot fires off; we do something crazy and someone who loves us says, 'you better get that shit under control,' and we just shrug it off. Then that same shit hits the fan and those friends who warned us scatter.

The repetitive and insistent lyrical nature of 'Warning Shot' is like a mantra; turn back now, you can't say we didn’t warn you - this is your warning shot. Once your heart gets caught, there's no getting it back.

The love we feel when we're hopelessly addicted to something is never what we expected it to be. It doesn't nourish us like we thought it would, and the hunger keeps growing. Don't fall into that pool, you know you'll drown again, you drown every time. But if drowning is all you know, what do you do once you dry yourself off?

Listen to "Warning Shot" below.

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emzae - Another Lesson Learnt

Following the success of her previous singles, "Lucid Dreaming" and "Glory", as well as recent appearances at Nottingham’s Rock City Beta and Dot to Dot Festival for BBC Introducing, Derby, UK-based singer/songwriter and producer emzae returns today with the release of her latest offering entitled "Another Lesson Learnt", a thoughtful, dark and brooding piece of lo-fi electronic pop. Written, recorded and produced entirely by emzae in her home studio, the song tackles emzae's feelings surrounding society's suggestion that we all find love in order to complete ourselves and feel secure, and how the fear and pressure we feel inside about this can lead to us falling and longing for the wrong people.

Speaking on the track, emzae says:

"'Another Lesson Learnt' is about how so many of us are waiting to feel ‘wanted’, or even hoping to be 'saved' by someone, when the answers to our problems truly lie within ourselves."

emzae has been sharing self-produced music online since 2014 and is fast building a loyal following. Her music tackles everything from the complex nature of modern love to her experiences living with chronic illness, with listeners often praising her ethereal, emotive vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melodies.

Listen to "Another Lesson Learnt'" below.

"Another Lesson Learnt'" is available now on iTunes.

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Chandler Juliet - elements (EP)

Los Angeles-based indie pop singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chandler Juliet has today released her long-awaited concept EP, elements, featuring 4 songs about personal experience loosely themed around each of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air, while enveloping the overall theme of letting go of adolescence and growing up in the big city.

The four-song collection includes her previously released singles, "burning sage" (the 'fire' element), "tidal wave" (the 'water' element) and "gravitational" (the 'earth' element) as well as her new song, "hide and seek" ( the 'air' element), a haunting piece about growing up in the big city and the struggle to let go of adolescence, and acceptance that we "can't go back".

Each song off elements features personal stories of life experience with soul-baring vulnerability and authenticity, during Juliet’s relatable struggle to transition into adulthood. Through her music, Chandler pens her unique story of being born and raised in the big city of Los Angeles, and staying for the dream and pursuit of music.

Speaking on the release, Chandler says:

"This project was created during the first official year on my own after finishing college - this whole year has felt like a rebirth, and I started to turn inward - my writing became very introspective. Going from feeling my lowest and loneliest ever, writing songs alone in my room, to recording and releasing them, to hearing an audience sing along with me at sold out showcases in Hollywood, has been an incredible growth to witness. Connection is a human need, and I have found that through creating and performing music. LA can be a lonely city, but knowing that others are connecting to my creations is the most fulfilling feeling I've ever known."

Chandler Juliet is a voice for millennials and DIY artists alike in this new, confusing age of music and the new music model. She defies the odds and doesn't let anything stop her from releasing and performing her original music, and uses her resources to create and promote all facets of her art for this conceptual music project.

Stream elements in full below.

elements is available now on iTunes.

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