Friday, November 16, 2018

New Music Friday #84

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Amanda Vilkas - "Hollywood Angels"

Ariel Gold - "Blue"

AViVA - "Blame It On The Kids"

Banoffee - "Bubble"

Betty Who - "Between You & Me"

Blaise Moore - "Feel It All Every Time"

Broods - "Everything Goes (Wow)"

Chlöe Howl - "23"

CILVR - "Bound to Die"

CLAVVS - "Echo"

Cruel Youth - "Devil In Paradise"

Deidre & the Dark - "Bad Day"

Delena - "Animal"

D e n n i s. - "Alive"

Denvre - "Make it Right"

Elise Hayes - "Float"

Eloise Viola - "For My Eyes"

Galaa - "Ender"

Ginesse - "Bedford"

Ginette Claudette - "Love Me Back"

Girl Crush - "Radio Silence"

Glnna - "Reasons"

Hannah Diamond - "True"

Hannah Jane Lewis - "Do It Without You"

Heather Cole - "Good at Friends"

Hildur - "Everyday"

Holly Walker - "Straight Line"

Jayde - "Ultra Violence"

Kate Lomas - "Leave Out the Lows"

L Devine - "Daughter"

Lastlings - "Deja Vu"

Lavender Blue - "Give Me Metal or Give Me Death"

Lennon Stella - "La Di Da"

Liv Dawson - "Bedroom"

LIZ - "Last Call"

Lo - "Mantra"

Loren Gray - "Kick You Out"

Love Sick - "Make It"

Magdalena Bay - "Ghost"

Maggie Lindemann - "Would I"

Morgan St. Jean - "Drama"

Nervo (feat. Ryann) - "Emotional"

Otha - "I'm On Top"

Owl Eyes - "On Me"

Paperwhite - "Count On You"

Phé - "Incredible"

purpl - "H.L.M."

PYØR - "Forget to Remember"

Rainsford - "Somewhere Else"

Rosie Carney - "Zoey"

Rosie Lowe - "The Light"

Storme - "Be My Drummer"

TĀLĀ - "Birthday Cake"

Talii - "Mouth"

Tori Levett - "Crazy"

Tiffany Alvord - "I'll Never Be Your Girlfriend"

Tina Says - "Spin"

Vera Hotsauce - "Daddy"

wolftyla - "No Regrets"

Yaeger - "I Need A:"

Vanity Fairy - "Loverman"

Zanillya - "In it 4 a Lifetime"

Molly Moore - Be Here Now

Following her exceptional Third Eye High EP that was released on B3SCI Records earlier this year, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Molly Moore returns today with her brand new single called "Be Here Now." Produced by Parisian producer Arthur Besnine, "Be Here Now" is a nothing short of a masterpiece that fuses a lush, genre-bending electronic soundscape with emotionally-driven lyrics while also showcasing Molly's soulful vocals.

Speaking on the track, Molly says:

"I wrote 'Be Here Now' about chasing anything that brings you out of the present. It's so easy to get distracted and lose sight of what you have, while you have it. It's been particularly relevant to me since my dad's unexpected passing in April. I've had the hardest time dealing with such a tremendous loss, but it's given me a new perspective on everything. I'm realizing now how important it is to connect with people on a deeper level in every moment. "

Listen to "Be Here Now" below and be prepared to be mesmerized.

"Be Here Now" is available now on iTunes.

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Julia Knight - Cool For You

Following the release of her debut single, "Ghost Of You" back in 2016 and her latest offering, "Like I Used To", released this past September on Taste & Tone, both of which have a combined 600,000+ streams, 22-year-old Nashville-based songstress Julia Knight returns with her new single called "Cool For You." Co-written and produced by instant hit-maker Stephen Schmuldt, aka Breakfast, who has previously worked with the likes of Alyson Stoner, Lo, Liv Miraldi and Caroline Kole, just to name a few, "Cool For You" weaves quivering electro-soaked synths and percussive production with cascading hooks and billowing sonics. At once ceaselessly powerful and beautifully vulnerable, this slow burning gem winds it way through melodies that are both effortless and endlessly catchy. And with a Julia's jaw-dropping vocals, you're gonna wanna spin this one over and over.

Speaking on the track, Julia says:

"'Cool For You' is about a super brief relationship that looking back on, i had no business being in really. i met someone in the summer and thought everything was working out, only for it to end abruptly a short couple months later. it’s about trying to be so cool and casual as a way to protect yourself. I hated that."

Listen to "Cool For You" below.

"Cool For You" is available now on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Jon Wright

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X. ARI - Something

Following the release of her Dis-Order EP this past Summer, Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer/songwriter X. ARI now returns with her new single called "Something", and like the title suggests, it’s definitely something special. On "Something" X. ARI comes out swinging with this newest release which proves to be an enchanting follow-up to her previous offering "Stay v Go." Her angelic voice has dynamic melody placements throughout this track and takes "Something" to a sound ahead of its time. Embracing a signature style that diligently combines pop, alternative and several elements of EDM, X. ARI brings forth a song that effectively showcases her versatility and artistic merit all wrapped up into one dangerously catchy package.

"'Something' was inspired by a real person, says X. ARI "'Something' is a story about a friend of mine. It's a heartfelt lament to a lover who’s not quite ready for their love yet and it’s riddled with hope that one day the stars will align and allow them to be together in some capacity in the future."

In conjunction with the release of her Dis-Order EP, X. ARI also released her Self Care Line (Pain Into Power Journals, Soy Relaxation Candles, and Pain Into Power Amethyst Healing Bracelets) in support of mental health awareness. She donates partial show and merchandise proceeds to, a Canadian charity that inspires and empowers young people to be leaders in creating conversations about mental health and encouraging their peers to take care of themselves and each other. X. ARI finds healing and a powerful voice through her music. It is within that voice that she spends much of her time on her Pain Into Power campaign, which focuses on sharing her own experiences to empower others to know they are not alone and find to healing, to end stigma, and promote self-care and balance.

Listen to "Something" below and stay tuned for more new music from X. ARI as she is currently finishing up touches on her third EP, UNI-FI, which is slated to drop mid 2019.

"Something" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Substream Magazine.

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Girl Wilde - Nervous Breakdown

It's only been a little less than month since we first introduced you to Los Angeles-based songstress Alex Barnes, aka Girl Wilde and her debut single, "Bad Side" but now she's back today with yet another dose of self-described bubblegum grunge on her second offering called "Nervous Breakdown", which she co-wrote with Mia Minichiello and Dave Burris. Highly energy, anthemic, and intoxicating, "Nervous Breakdown" is a vulnerable and honest depiction of the instability of young love.

"Nervous Breakdown’ is a masochistic love letter," Girl Wilde tells idobi Radio, who were first to premiere her new single. Adding, "I wanted to really paint the picture of what it feels like to consciously make a bad decision."

Listen to "Nervous Breakdown" below.

"Nervous Breakdown" is available now on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Sean Behr

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