Monday, July 16, 2018

Kye Munroe - Only Getting Better

We've been following Knoxville-based singer/songwriter and producer Kye Munroe's musical career for nearly as long as this blog has been around and today she returns with her brand new single called "Only Getting Better", an early 2000's inspired dance-pop banger that Kye wrote and co-produced with UK producer, Matt Foster. A slight departure from the type of R&B-infused pop songs that she's released in the past, most notably "Trouble" and "Slippin", Kye's new song is a sparkling ode to the millennium era sound with a positive outlook.

Speaking on the track, Kye says:

"I wrote this song after leaving a tumultuous relationship. I quickly started to find my footing after thinking I'd be depressed after the breakup. Surprisingly, everything started to seem a lot brighter, and I was in a much better place. I wanted to make a fun track to mirror the bliss and peace of mind."

Listen to "Only Getting Better" below.

"Only Getting Better" is available now on iTunes.

Jareth - Caution Me

London-based singer/songwriter Jareth has recently released her impeccable new single entitled "Caution Me", which also serves as the third and final single following "Kaleidoscope" and "Bit by Bit" to be lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, Moonchild, slated for release on August 3rd. Again working with producer Charlie J Perry (Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre, Samm Henshaw) on the new single, Jareth's unadulterated soul floats atop delicate piano strokes as she softly sings, "I never really had a thing for love until I met you, so I never thought that I could fall for love and then there was you." "Caution Me" is truly an awakening of the mind, body and soul for Jareth and a journey to discovering that love doesn't have to be a sacrifice.

Listen to "Caution Me" below.

"Caution Me" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Variance Magazine.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 28 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Abbi Press - "Deep Breath"

2. Alexa Melo - "Dope Sick"

3. Alice Wonder - "Too Mad"

4. Anna Shoemaker - "What Am I Doing to Me?"

5. Avonlea - "It Sucks"

6. BAYLA - "Monster"

7. Call Me Loop - "Love The Lie"

8. Donna Missal - "Keep Lying"

9. Etta Bond - "Let Me Hit It"

10. Fye & Fennek - "Miles Davis"

11. HANA2K - "Pretty Enough"

12. Kota Banks (feat. Capo Lee) - "Fiorentina"

13. Linah London - "In My Head"

14. Linney - "w/o" (Lyric Video)

15. LIZ - "Super Duper Nova"

16. LOWES - "Walking on Fire"

17. Natalie Shay - "Perfume"

18. PERISH - "Sad Girl"

19. Rachel Foxx - "Wrong"

20. Ralph (feat. TOBi) - "Girl Next Door"

21. Riya - "No Time"

22. Samia - "Milk"

23. Sinead Harnett - "Body"

24. SOFI TUKKER (feat. Charlie Barker) - "Good Time Girl"

25. Tallia Storm - "Girls Are Changing The World"

26. Terror Jr - "Heaven Wasn't Made For Me"

27. Transviolet - "Bad Intentions"

28. Wulfy - "Adore"

Friday, July 13, 2018

New Music Friday #66

Abby Jasmine - "Message"

Alice Gray - "Lay Down"

Allie X - "Not So Bad In LA"

Arctic Lake - "Sight Of You"

Ayelle - "Mad"

Bahari - "Chasers"

Caiti Baker - "Gimme"

Cannons - "Nevermind, Never Mine"

Caroline Kole - "What If"

Caswell - "Lie To Me"

Charlee Remitz - "To Tell You The Truth"

Dot - "So Far Away"

Etta Bond - "Let Me Hit It"

FEMME - "All For You"

Hannah Jane Lewis - "Frozen Frames" (Acoustic)

HANNIE (feat. Carys Selvey) - "Low Key"

HOLYCHILD - "Wishing You Away"

IMAN - "Get The Feeling"

Jayde - "Perfect Strangers"

Jessica Foxx - "Bali"

Jinka - "Wonderland"

Jocelyn Alice - "Still Wondering"

Jordan Lomeli - "Love Like This"

Kiana Ledé - "EX"

Loom:ngs - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division cover)

Luna - "Try Again"

Maria Hazell - "Best Thing"

Maria Lynn - "Play"

Meg Myers - "Tourniquet"

Navina - "27 Hearts"

Niki Kand - "China Doll"

Nina Luna - "Keep Me"

Phantoms (feat. Nicole Millar) - "Agenda"

Polarheart - "Haunted, Dreamless, Restless, Sleepless"

Rivah - "Cheerleader"

Satellite Mode - "Terrified"

Shel Bee - "Undone"

Sigrid - "Schedules"

Sizzy Rocket - "Harley"

Sophia Black - "Fire"

Sophia Scott- " White Fence"

Sophie Meiers - "Something About You"

Swimming Girls - "Asking For It"

Taylor Janzen - "The Waiting Room"

Terror Jr - "Heaven Wasn't Made For Me"

Theia - "Bad Idea"

Thelma Plum - "Clumsy Love"

Una Mey - "Such Is Love"

Wulfy - "Adore"

Chløë Black - Spaceman

Australian-born, Los Angeles-based songstress Chløë Black has today unveiled her absolutely breathtaking pop masterpiece entitled "Spaceman", which was co-written with Ferras Alqaisi and produced by Sawyr with artwork styled by Brooke Candy. Serving as the follow-up to her previous single, "Good Times", released back in early March, "Spaceman" is easily one of Chløë Black's most impressive and mesmerizing offerings to date.

"I was also using 'Spaceman' as a metaphor for romance," Chløë tells Noisey. "You know… they have to be extraordinary – a spaceman – somebody who is worth your time. And even though it's a gendered term, I don't necessarily see it as a man, or even a person."

Listen to "Spaceman" below.

"Spaceman" is available now on iTunes.