Saturday, July 21, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 33 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Ashley Schultz - "Kilograms"

2. Azusena - "In The Water"

3. :BRYONY: - "Hurt"

4. Ciara - "Level Up"

5. Daya - "Safe"

6. Desirée Dawson - "Just Fine"

7. Eliza & The Delusionals - "Half Empty Girl"

8. Era Istrefi - "Prisoner"

9. Eves Karydas - "Couch"

10. FAANGS - "Ceiling"

11. Grace Inspace - "Watersource"

12. Goldilox - "I Love You"

13. HOLYCHILD - "Wishing You Away"

14. Jade Alice - "Heartbreak Club"

15. Jayde - "Perfect Strangers"

16. Jessica Wilde - "Cry For Me"

17. Kiah Victoria - "Ornament"

18. Krista Papista - "Sultana"

19. Kingsbury - "All Gone"

20. Maeve - "Martyr"

21. Marija - "All The Girls"

22. Mavi Phoenix - "Trends"

23. NUEX - "Eyes"

24. Orla Gartland - "I Go Crazy"

25. Pale Waves - "Noises"

26. Rodes Rollins - "Nasty Woman"

27. Rubblebucket - "What Life Is"

28. Saski - "Work It Out"

29. Soccer Mommy - "Scorpio Rising"

30. Tallsaint - "Touch"

31. VASI - "House"

32. Yify Zhang - "Waste"

33. Young Tiger - "Give It Up"

Friday, July 20, 2018

New Music Friday #67

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising new artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Æ MAK - "Love Flush"

Chelsea Jade - "Pitch Dark"

Dakota - "Thinking 'Bout You"

Delia Dane - "Go"

DEVMO - "Get My Shit Together"

Emeryld - "Honey Bee"

Emma Sameth - "Paperboy"

Evalyn - "Angels"

G.Smith - "Underwear"

Georgia Reed - "Young"

Harlea - "Beautiful Mess"

Holander - "Smoke"

Jessie Reyez - "Apple Juice"

Josie Moon - "After Hours"

Julia Thompson - "Nights"

Kat Cunning - "Stay on the Line"

LANNDS - "You + Drugs"

Lili K - "Best Friend"

Lost Kings (feat. Tove Styrke) - "Stuck"

Louise Golbey - "A Good Life"

Maty Noyes - "Porn Star"

Maisie Peters - "Best I'll Ever Sing"

Maya B - "Selenas"

Maya Payne & IMKK - "Jungle"

Mike Rogers & Sinclair & Jay-Way - "Pretty Ones"

Minke - "Maybe 25"

Moli - "You Can Cry"

Molteno - "Ocean"

Nina Smith - "Run Out"

Rachel K Collier - "Poison"

Rose Villain - "Funeral Party"

Sasha Brown - "Boom Boom (She Got That)"

Seaker - "Dreaming"

Sela Hack - "Boy Tears"

Sita - "Emotional"

Sophie Bom - "Broke"

Storme - "Starlight"

Talii - "Lost"

talker - "Collateral Damage"

Tanners - "Empress In Reverse"

Tiny Deaths - "Us"

Tinx - "FMLU"

Transviolet - "Undo"

Tomberlin - "I'm Not Scared"

Tyson - "Confetti"

X. ARI - "Kingdoms Fall"

Yonaka - "Fired Up"

ZOLA - "Too Fast Too Soon"

Miranda Glory - Hypochondriac

Following the success of her debut single "Blue Eyes" (feat. Matty Owens) and its follow-up "Take", both released last year on Tommy Boy Entertainment, along with her recent collaborations with Tujamo, R3HAB & Noah Neiman, and Colin Chase & Gill Chang, prolific Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Miranda Glory now returns with her latest offering entitled "Hypochondriac", which was produced by Matthew Ferree. According to the single's press release, the initial inspiration for "Hypochondriac" came from Miranda's obsession with WebMD. She started to see some interesting parallels between the fear of diseases and the anxieties we experience in relationships.

Speaking on the track, Miranda says:

"My favorite part of writing this song was getting creative and clever with the lyrics. I wrote it with a few of my best friends and we all wanted it to be super visual and visceral because it was important to us to convey that feeling of paranoia that comes with relationships sometimes."

Listen to "Hypochondriac" below.

"Hypochondriac" is available now on iTunes.

Carter Cruise - Sippin' On Danger

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, producer, DJ, feminist, and former adult film star Carter Cruise has today released her brand new single called "Sippin' On Danger", which also serves as the second single following "Diggin' U" to be taken from her upcoming debut EP, Send Moods, slated to drop later this summer. The EP traces the thread of ill-fated love throughout time from past to present to future while pulling influences from different eras and mixing classic acoustic sounds and vintage synths with modern electronic vibes.

Speaking on her upcoming EP, Carter says:

"What I've always loved about music is its ability to change your mood or deepen it, depending on what you listen to. Songs can capture moods and create them. With this project I wanted to be vulnerable and 'emotionally naked' which is where the play on words for the title of the EP came from."

Listen to "Sippin' On Danger" below.

"Sippin' On Danger" is available now on iTunes.

JØUR - Black Hole

Having first come to our attention earlier this year with her previous single, "American Nightmare", Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter and visual artist Jourdan Myers, aka JØUR now returns with her latest offering entitled "Black Hole", a haunting yet explosive and powerful alt-pop ballad which also serves as the latest single to be lifted from upcoming debut album, Chiaroscuroin, due out this fall. In her own words; "'Black Hole' is about that person who won’t let you move on, who keeps their hooks in you and keeps reeling you back in, offering you something you want and then crushing that hope over and over." JØUR is also the co-founder of The Good Arts Collective, a local collaborative arts organization that seeks to empower artists to transition from hobbyists to professionals.

Listen to "Black Hole" below.

"Black Hole" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via glamglare.