Saturday, May 25, 2019

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 36 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Ally Brooke (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie) - "Lips Don't Lie"

2. Ayelle - "Parts"

3. Banks - "Gimme"

4. Bianca Rose - "Run & Hide"

5. Cappa - "I Do"

6. Chelcee Grimes - "Girls"

7. Emma Kelly - "Running Wild"

8. FELIN - "No More Sweet Home Alabama"

9. Fjer - "You Again" (Lyric Video)

10. Ginesse - "The Inbetween"

11. GIRLI - "Up & Down"

12. Hannah Trigwell - "Attention"

13. Karmel Jäger - "Trafalgar Square"

14. Kat Cunning - "Birds"

15. Lila Drew - "take it back"

16. LissA - "Gin"

17. Lokett - "Don't Run"

18. LUME - "Something Sweeter" (Live)

19. Luna Shadows - "lowercase"

20. Lvma Black - "Summertime Hobby"

21. LYRA - "Never Let Go"

22. Mae Muller - "Anticlimax"

23. Manda Malina - "Crocodile Tears"

24. Miraa May - "FWM"

25. NUUXS - "Safe"

26. Nyssa - "Hey Jackie"

27. Oh Land - "Family Tree"

28. phem - "jump"

29. Sara Kendall - "Fantasies"

30. Satica - "Take a Walk"

31. Seratones - "Gotta Get To Know Ya"

32. SHAYNA - "I Know"

33. Soft Streak - "Reasonable Lie"

34. Suzy Jones - "Final Piece"

35. Tessa Dixson - "Ignited"


Friday, May 24, 2019

New Music Friday #106

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Alice Gray - "Hell With You"

Ally Brooke (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie) - "Lips Don't Lie"

Astrid S - "The First One"

Ayelle - "Parts"

Becca James - "Control"

BECCAA - "Nostalgia"

Black Grapefruit - "Crypt Keeper"

Carlie Hanson - "WYA"

Chloe MK - "To Be Young"

Clairo - "Bags"

CYN - "Holy Roller"

DENNIS. - "Trap Door"

Dounia - "Toxic"

Emeryld - "Do It"


Emma White - "Ten Year Town"

Ess See - "Slip Slide"

Farrah - "Nothing"

FLETCHER - "About You"

FLØRE - "Little Dancing Demons"

Ginesse - "The Inbetween"

Grace Lightman - "Aztec Level"

HÅN - "gymnasion"

Harlea - "99"

Hatty Keane - "Freedom"

Hey Violet - "Close My Eyes"

Iris Gold - "A Lot To Give"

ISA - "Settle On Love (Real)"

IYVES - "Gold" (Acoustic)

Kim Petras - "All I Do Is Cry"

Lexi Scatena - "Hopeless Romantics"

Lila Drew - "Take It Back"

LissA - "Gin" (Radio Edit)

Lvma Black - "Summertime Hobby"

Lydia Halloway - "Gold"

Mae Muller - "Anticlimax"

Maydar - "Lose My Mind"

Miraa May - "FWM"

Miya Folick - "Malibu Barbie"

Moyka - "Bones"

Naah (feat. C. Gold) - "Wake Up"

ORKID - "Oh Whatever"

Orla Gartland - "Inevitable"

PLYA - "Fever"

Raphi - "Dirty Mind"

Rhia - "Fire."

RIKA - "Out of Order"

Riva Taylor - "This Woman's Heart"

Satica - "Take a Walk"

Shahrae - "Outsider"

Sirenety - "Cold Water"

Sorcha Richardson - "Don't Talk About It"

Theresa Rex - "Like I Love You"

Uffie - "No Take Me Backs"

Vanessa Maria - "Sliding Doors"

VVAVES (feat. Iggy Azalea) - "Boys Like You"

Winnie Raeder - "I Wear A Ghost"

Xoller - "I Will Be Different For You"

XYLØ - "the end"

LOVA - I Can Do Better

20-year-old Swedish pop artist Lova Alvilde, aka LOVA is back today with her empowered and enlightened new single called "I Can Do Better." In the track, LOVA expresses her frustration with today’s society and the idea that women are expected to live in the shadow of men. Backed by acoustic guitar and bombastic beats, her voice snaps from elastic verses into an engaging chant, where she confidently declares: "You’re the problem not my gender, anything you can do I can do better. Anywhere you can go I can go further."

Speaking on the track, LOVA says:

"'I Can Do Better' is mostly talking to the 'Male Boss' the 'Alpha man' and the society as a whole. With 'I Can Do Better' I'm saying that I’m tired of living in the shadow of men. I'm tired of men telling me what to do and how to do things. I don't need no man to fix things for me, talk on my behalf or to pay for my dinner. We can clearly take care of ourselves and we should get far more credit and recognition for our achievements and knowledge than what we do in today’s society."

"I Can Do Better" arrives as the perfect sister track to her previous single, "My Name Isn't", which was praised by everyone from The Line of Best Fit to Refinery29, and racked up close to 5 million Spotify streams in a few months' time. Her delivery gets even louder, and the lyrics cut even deeper on her forthcoming new EP which LOVA calls "a voice for all the strong but incredibly tired women, a call for the world’s attention and a call to all men."

Listen to "I Can Do Better" below.

"I Can Do Better" is available now on iTunes.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Late Night Gems #106

Ane - "It Is What It Is"

Anja Kotar - "1500"

Ciara Vizzard - "Hurricane"

ELA Lindsey - "Twenties"

Elluna - "Lucky Me"

EMI - "Uncomfortable"

Grace Gaustad - "Photogenic"

Holliday Howe - "Big Ego"

Lo Lo - "Stay Up"

Paula - "Body Talk"

Push Push - "INB4"

Royce - "Tip Toe"

Savannah Sgro - "Stuck On You"

Thailah - "Bad Manners"

Wallace - "Jane Doe"

Yumi Zouma - "Bruise"

Talii - Front Seat

Orlando-based pop singer/songwriter Talii has today released her brand new single titled "Front Seat", the follow-up to her previously released singles "Lost" and "Mouth". Taking influences from her Trinidadian heritage, "Front Seat" embodies a boldly executed blend of pop/R&B set against a rhythmic dancehall infusion and earworm lyrical melodies.

Speaking on the track, Talii tells Billboard:

"The title refers to moving your ego out of the driver's seat and allowing your true self to take the wheel. It's a representation of appreciating and loving the person I'm becoming... it ('Front Seat') reflects my growth and evolution not only musically but within my life overall."

Telling compelling stories rooted in authentic experiences and bolstered by her smooth and soulful vocal, Talii is a trailblazer in the neo-soul/R&B lane and a veritable one-to-watch in 2019. With "Front Seat," Talii has raised the bar and it's only up from here. Keep your eyes peeled on more to come as well as news on a debut EP, expected to drop later this year.

Listen and watch the lyric video for "Front Seat" below.

"Front Seat" is available now on all digital platforms. Get it here.

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