Sunday, November 11, 2018

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 22 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Anne-Marie - "Perfect To Me"

2. Camden Cox - "Not The One" (Lyric Video)

3. CHILDLIKE - "Feel It"

4. Dominique Pruitt - "High In The Valley"

5. Elley Duhé - "$$$$"

6. Elohim - "Connect"

7. Emilie Kahn - "Island"

8. Fjer - "Awkward"

9. IDER - "Mirror"

10. JFDR - "Gravity"

11. Holander - "Smoke"

12. HOLYCHILD - "Bathroom Bitch"

13. Malou Chloé - "Strangers"

14. Nilüfer Yanya - "Heavyweight Champion Of The Year"

15. Njomza - "Lonely Nights"

16. Nouri - "Where Do We Go From Here"

17. Poppy - "X"

18. RUUMER (feat. Sammy Adams) - "Gimme Some"

19. Salt Ashes - "Go All Out"

20. SIIGHTS - "Broke It With Me"

21. Vök - "Night & Day"

22. Washington - "Claws"

Friday, November 9, 2018

New Music Friday #83

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Amanda Tenfjord - "Pick A Card"

Andria Piperni - "Say Something"

Ariana and the Rose - "Night Owl"

Ashley Tisdale - "Voices in My Head"

Baegod (feat. Nate Curry) - "Low"

BAER & JVZEL & Zach Sorgen - "So LA"

Bellhouse - "Like You Loved Us"

Brit Daniels - "Convince Me"

Charlee Remitz - "Devilish"

CHINAH - "Anyone"

Claire George - "Lonely Or Alone"

CLAY - "Orange"

Cristina Lizzul - "So Right"

Disco Shrine (feat. Omenihu) - "Everyday"

Ella Vos - "Cast Away"

Elohim - "Connect"

Emilie Kahn - "Island"

Emily James - "Foreign Land"

Emily Rowed - "Pinball" & "Hey Love"


Fickle Friends - "San Francisco"

Fjer - "Awkward"

FJØRA - "Run, Run, Run"

FrankK - "Millies On My Mind"

Hannah Barnett - "Nails"

HOLYCHILD - "Bathroom Bitch"

Irini Mandó - "Fine AF"

Janine - "Take Our Time"

Kate Stewart - "On My Mind"

KG Lillian - "Obedient"

Kira - "That Would Be A Lie"

Lennon Stella - "Fortress"

LÉON - "Falling"

Lhasa Petik - "This Heart"

LO - "Like That"

Lucy Whittaker - "Curious"

Lydia Evangeline - "Down"

Lynzy Lab - "A Scary Time (For Boys)"

Lyyn - "Out Of Breath"

Lyves - "Tell Me That You Feel It Too"

Madison Beer (feat. Offset) - "Hurts Like Hell"

Maike - "Ghosttown"

Maryze (feat. Ciele) - "Men Like You"

Millie Go Lightly - "Gold Chain"

Molly Rainford - "I Like You"

Monogem - "Shade"

More Giraffes - "AOP"

Mothica - "Up In Flames"

Njomza - "Don't Count The Daze"

Novaa - "Almond Eyes"

NUUXS (feat. Zac Pajak) - "Patient"

Olivia O'Brien - "Care Less More"

Only Girl - "Crave"

Phem - "Jump"

Queen Of Hearts - "The Water Between Us"

ROOO - "My Mind Is Taking Me To Places IDK About"

Sage Charmaine (feat. cupcakKe) - "Bitter Chocolate"

Sasha Sloan - "Older"

SIIGHTS - "Broke It With Me"

Sofi de la Torre (feat. Rich The Kid) - "Run That Back"

Sophia Danai - "WYIL"

Theia - "Candy"

Valentina - "10 Feet Tall"

Viktoria Liv - "Love No More"

Illicit Ghost - Money

Following the release of her debut single, "Drunk And Alone", which garnered support from tastemakers such as The Girl at the Rock Show, The New Nine and When The Horn Blows, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, producer and violinist Illicit Ghost returns today with her second offering, "Money", a cover of Pink Floyd's original version from 1973. Produced by Illicit Ghost herself, in this version, furious synths and a raw vocal performance give way to a fearless track that reminds listeners that money isn’t everything.

"So many people are driven by greed - I try to stay away from people like that at all costs," says Illicit Ghost. "Life is not about how much money you have, spent, or made…it’s about enriching each other’s lives with kindness, creativity and positivity. I thought about writing my own song about money but didn’t dare attempt it. When it comes to money, no one can say it better than Pink Floyd. I always felt like an outsider because I was quiet. Music was my only escape to something bigger. Money is a good way to give listeners an idea of what is yet to come without revealing too much too soon. My music has a lot of different sides to it. I'd also like people to get a better sense of my productions, as I did this one on my own."

Listen to "Money" below.

"Money" is available now on iTunes.

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IOLITE - Lonely Bodies

Following her previous singles, "Bad Behavior" and "Better Without You", a collaboration with SOLARSUNS, 19-year-old Nashville-based singer/songwriter Elina Odnoralov, aka IOLITE returns today with her latest offering called "Lonely Bodies." Written and produced by IOLITE herself alongside Ruslan Odnoralov, Julie Melucci and Dalton Diehl, "Lonely Bodies" is an dancefloor-ready electro-pop banger with a perfect blend of Latin and tropical vibes.

Speaking on the track, IOLITE explains:

"I wrote 'Lonely Bodies' when I was fresh out of high school, in a new town, while everyone else my age was starting college and making new friends. I felt like the 'new kid' in Nashville pursuing music. I was in a season of loneliness. Everyone I knew and worked with in the studio was a lot older than me and it felt like they were in the industry for years. A part of me felt small and alone and unqualified. I remember talking to my brother Ruslan and his wife Julie about it (now the producers and co writers on the track) and after our conversation, I felt so much peace because they were going through something similar as well. We helped each other realize that in some ways, we actually loved the feeling. We chose to “own” the feeling of being lonely because our goal from the beginning was never to fit in' with everyone else. We wanted to make music because we love it and it matters to us and we can’t imagine doing anything else. I sent the track to my friend, Dalton Diehl who put some verse ideas on it, and it was done. To be honest, I never want to fit in. I'm a better person and creative when I don’t. And it’s ok to be lonely sometimes, because once you find your people and continue doing what you love, you realize you’re not the only lonely one."

Listen to "Lonely Bodies" below.

"Lonely Bodies" is available now on iTunes.

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RUUMER (feat. Sammy Adams) - Gimme Some

Following their 2016 single, "HEELS", which garnered praise and support from the likes of Galore Magazine, AXS and Going Solo, indie-pop duo RUUMER, comprised of sisters Melissa and Jessica Labbadia, make a welcome return today with their long awaited follow-up single called "Gimme Some", along with the single's accompanying music video. Featuring guest vocals from rapper, Sammy Adams, "Gimme Some" is a "vibey, anthemic jam that is all about empowering women's sexuality." Inspired by RUUMER's Catholic school upbringing, it is essentially a satire on the sexually oppressing environment of their youth. "Gimme Some" has a theme of juxtaposition as you hear a choir inspired beat with the girls' playful vocals praying to God to "get some" tonight.

Speaking on the video, RUUMER tells Substream Magazine:

"We worked with a dope female director, MK Schneider, to create the music video for the record. There are competing visuals of women being traditionally feminine and the new age confidence in being who you are no matter how you look, no matter what you like. It embraces all angles of the modern woman and shatters the stereotypes that they are given."

Watch the video for "Gimme Some" below.

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