Friday, September 7, 2018

New Music Friday #74

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Akine - "Cashmere"

Alice Merton - "Why So Serious"

Arctic Lake - "You Know All of Me"

Brigetta - "Tic Tac Toe"

Cally Rhodes - "Your Place"

Charity - "Good Year For The Roses"

Charlene Soraia - "Where's My Tribe"

Chelcee Grimes - "I Need a Night Out"

Chelsea Cutler - "Cold Showers"

Christine Balk - "No Good For Me"

CRÈME - "Beaches"

DIICE - "Chemical"

DOLLS - "Pink Bones"

Donna Missal - "Jupiter"

duendita - "Magdalena"

EXES - "Everything"

Fickle Friends - "Broken Sleep"

Giulia - "Not An Option"

Glades - "Eyes Wide Shut"

Helen - "Only One"

HOLYCHILD - "Hundred Thousand Hearts"

Jessie Reyez - "F*** Being Friends"

Josie Moon - "97 (Hurt)"

KIDDO (feat. Decco) - "Drunk And I Miss You"

KIIRA - "Worry"

L Devine - "Peer Pressure"

Laura Jean Anderson - "Thinkin Bout You"

Lauren Aquilina ‏- "Psycho"

LCMDF - "Thank God I Didn't Get to Know You at All"

Lili Caseley - "Have I Ever Been In Love"

Madi - "Reprisal"

Mari Dangerfield - "Virtually"

Megan Lara Mae - "Losing to You"

Mindy White - "Lost You in the Summer"

Nikki Jean - "Pink Lemonade"

Princess Chelsea - "I Miss My Man"

PLYA - "Innocent"

Rebecca & Fiona - "Teenage Drama"

Robinson - "Medicine"

Rodes Rollins - "Mystery Man"

Saya - "Flowers"

SIIGHTS - "Dance"

Skela - "Sailboat"

Sunflower Thieves - "Two Halves"

talker - "Changes"

Tilde - "Are You Willing"

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