Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alanna Clarke - Linger

After falling in love with her previous single "Heartstrings", released late last year, emerging 23-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Alanna Clarke makes a welcome return today with the unveiling of her gorgeous new single "Linger". In regards to the track, Alanna says:

"'Linger' started out with this low fi rough track I put together in Logic with some grungy bass and drums that I wrote the verse and chorus ideas over. I brought it into the studio to show Wuff and Jon E. K and they immediately understood the vibe and we wrote the rest of the song together that day. I believe most things in life are meant to be and I kept getting signs or reminders of this person I used to see. You know how sometimes you think of someone randomly and then they call you later that day? You’re communicating mind to mind without really knowing it. I had the feeling that is what was going on, that maybe I was being thought of so I kept getting these signs. I got a feeling… and now I know. That those reminders were more than a coincidence." Listen to "Linger" below.

Premiere via The Wild Honey Pie.

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