Thursday, February 5, 2015

RAIGN - Empire Of Our Own

2014 was an outstanding year for London-born, Los Angeles-based artist RAIGN (real name Rachel Rabin). Her first official release "Don't Let Me Go" clocked millions of views and spins online and reached number 11 on the official UK indie charts last fall. And now today brings the much anticipated release of her next promotional single, "Empire Of Our Own" - following its premiere on last night's episode of the hit TV show, The 100, a show known for its use of epic music including Imagine Dragons' hit single "Radioactive". Not too long after, the song received praise by none other then the legendary Science Fiction actor William Shattner, who tweeted "Good song choice tonight" after hearing the songs debut on the CW network.
"This song marks a special moment in the journey for us. It was the first song for the album that we wrote in New York and it harnessed the romance and euphoria that we were feeling at the time. After we wrote this song, we knew there was no going back. To us, 'Empire Of Our Own' is about making something out of nothing, creating a reality out of imagination, and letting love transport you to a new world of possibilities."
As the harbinger of a new era in pop romanticism, RAIGN bends boundaries and warps time to create music that's near-sublime in its transformative power. A darkly dreamy exploration of love in all forms, RAIGN's lavishly textured take on alt-pop centers on her "heart-stopping vocal performances" and comes infused with influences from the genre-defying music of acts like Florence + the Machine and Zola Jesus. Executive produced by New York based electronic duo Mysto & Pizzi, the RAIGN soundscape is hypnotic, electro-charged with a "soaring cinematic scope". Each song hazes the lines between dream and reality and, in the end, instills its listener with a renewed belief in the supremacy of love.

"Empire Of Our Own" will be released on February 16th. Pre-order on iTunes.

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