Monday, March 23, 2015

Polarheart - Hypnotise

Sydney-based electronic pop duo Polarheart, comprised of Mary Rose and Chris Chidiac have just unveiled the music video for their brand new single entitled "Hypnotise", directed by Alexander Leeway, who also directed the video for the duo's critically acclaimed debut single "Paralyse". Polarheart tells auspOp, who premiered the video earlier today, "It's about loving someone who is forever drifting away, and being at that point where you are desperate to find a way to make them stay and to make them love you back."

Watch the video for "Hypnotise" below.

Also be sure to check out Polarheart's previously released singles "Paralyse" and "Livealie". Both of which are available now on iTunes.

"Hypnotise" will be released on April 17th via Pavement Records.

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