Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In Case You Missed It...

Here are 10 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. BATTS - "Morals" (directed by Hayden Calnin)

Download "Morals" for FREE via BATTS' website.

2. Bee Becx - "Something" (directed by Jackie Taylor)

Download "Something" on iTunes.

3. Fjer - "Stairs" (directed by Peter Anthony Red)

Download "Stairs" on Bandcamp (name your price).

4. Kristen Walker - "Wind Blows" (directed by Movement Films)

5. MALKA - "Let It Go" (directed by Lee Bamsey)

Download "Let It Go" on iTunes.

6. Okenyo - "Just A Story" (directed by Laura Scrivano)

Download "Just A Story" for FREE via Triple J Unearthed.

7. r.e.l. - "Headed For The Sun" (directed by Jillian Dudley)

8. RÉN - "Sunflowers In The Sky" (directed by Nicolas Pesce)

Download "Sunflowers In The Sky' on iTunes.

9. Thandi - "Star-Crossed" (directed by Thandi)

10. YOUTH - "Just For You" (directed by Andy Harvey)

Download "Just For You" for FREE! Click here.

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