Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dominique - Don't

Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut single, "It's Only You", which easily made its way into our list of 101 Best Songs of 2014, 22-year-old New York City-based electro-pop artist Dominique makes a welcome return today with the unveiling of her brand new single called "Don't", which she produced herself along with co-producer ZeniF.

Having previously collaborated on the track "Monday" with Moon Regiment, Dominique was also recently named as International Artist of The Month on new music platform Tradiio and reached #1 in both their Global and Pop charts. In addition she also released an exclusive unreleased track with Tradiio called “Life & Death”. Dominique's latest offering is a combination of pulsating synths and pop-driven melodies. Listen to "Don't" Below"

In regards to the track, Dominique says:

"'Don't' was written to express my thoughts on the somewhat common expectation for women to be the paradoxical combination of being a "bad bitch" and a "nun" (chaste). In other words, very sexual but with a scarce sexual history. Rather than expressing these thoughts in a more serious way, I tried to keep a playful, teasing kind of attitude, while ZeniF pulled through with a killer drop to really set the tone of the song."

Dominique plans to move to Paris this summer to focus on her production skills and begin working on her debut EP, which we're hoping will be released sooner than later.

"Don't" is available now as a free download. Click here.


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