Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jordan Corey - Focus

24-year-old Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jordan Corey has recently unveiled her new single entitled "Focus", co-produced by Ian Sloane.

In regards to the single, Jordan wrote on her Facebook page:

"What I love about *Focus* is that it came out of nowhere, when I least expected it, much the way life happens to us everyday. Last year when I began writing this track, I was dedicated to becoming a better version of myself; a happier, more loving, more creative human. After countless sessions, abundant literature, and late night conversations with wise friends and strangers, I began to find my truths. And in that journey, I realized that the best version of myself came through when I was living presently, that is what 'Focus' is about."

Listen to "Focus" as well as her cover of RAC's "Hollywood" below.

"Focus" is available now on iTunes and on Bandcamp.

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  1. now that's future soul. great track, strong lyrics.