Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sizzy Rocket - Boy

Following on from last month's release of her critically acclaimed debut single, "Bestie" (video below), rising New York City-based indie pop artist Sizzy Rocket has just recently unleashed her second single entitled "Boy", produced by Babbydaddy of the Scissor Sisters. Written from a teenage girl's perspective, the song conveys emotions of an innocent crush about someone who causes feelings of both euphoria and darkness. Though sonically upbeat and fun, her music is inspired by trauma. Sizzy focuses on exposure. She contemplates: what happens when you exploit a fantasy? What is underneath the surface? It's something much darker. It becomes visceral, uncomfortable, and borderline violent: rock n' roll. Stream both "Boy" and "Bestie" below and stay tuned for for more new music from Suzie as she's preparing for the release of her upcoming debut album, Thrills, coming soon.

"Boy" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Flavorwire.


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