Monday, August 31, 2015

MOONZz - Satisfy

Los Angeles-based artist/songwriter MOONZz has just unveiled her debut single called "Satisfy", produced by Cozyra.

Having already solidified herself in the LA electronic scene as one of the most highly sought after vocalists, writers and collaborators, MOONZz has earned the support and stamp of approval from serious producers such as: KRNE, Dr. Fresch, Brasstracks, Alexander Lewis, David Heartbreak, Luca Lush, AWE, Attom, Prince Fox, as well as many more others.

Her sultry voice has a mesmerizing quality which allures the unsuspecting listener into a false state of comfort before being chopped, sampled, and repurposed into a forward thinking, electronic / future-pop cut that leaves you feeling as though you just reached the peak of an all-nighter, watching the sun overtake the moon at the dawn of a new day.

Listen to "Satisfy" below.

"Satisfy" is out now via Taste and Tone and available on iTunes.

Premiere via Noisey.

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