Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Corina Seas - Flux (EP)

Meet Los Angeles-based electro-pop/alt-R&B artist Corina Seas, who has today released her irresistibly fun and clever five-song debut EP titled Flux.

Corina Seas grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, just north of Tampa on Florida’s western seaboard. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. before she was born, but Corina still spent every summer in Honduras with her extended family. Being interested in music and singing since childhood, Corina's aspirations to pursue music made her the strange fruit in a family of engineers, doctors, and politicians. However, she says her father’s enthusiasm for rock, blues, and soul music, was the largest influencer in her choice to become a musician. She recalls hearing Stevie Wonder and The White Album at a very young age, and wanting to bring the joy that music brought her to others.Corina studied Telecommunications at University of Florida, where she began promoting local music events and artists. She also hosted her own radio show, Echo Fusion on internet radio station, Grow Radio.

While an undergrad, Corina joined a Hip-Hop collective and began performing at free-style rap competitions. Although Corina, chose not to further pursue promotion or radio, she cites her time a University of Florida as highly influential in her personal and musical development.After graduating college, Corina relocated to Los Angeles to work in music professionally. After a short stint as an employee at Warner Music Group, Corina decided she wanted only to be a songwriter and performer. She began learning keyboard and collaborating with as many people as possible. She also began taking classes at Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music. Although her time at the school was short-lived, it's from there that Corina assembled a team to help her create her debut EP release, Flux.

In a recent interview with lifestyle blog Castle Foundations, Corina said:

"I really want people to feel a connection when they hear my songs. I'm always hoping to entertain, intrigue, and help them feel understood. The lyrics in my songs sometimes reflect how insecurities which I'm adamant about expressing. I feel like most societies base self-esteem on the approval of those around you and I think that’s completely unhealthy and wrong. So I try to be as honest as possible in my music and hopefully inspire others to be honest like that as well. I feel like the more you accept yourself, the more you love yourself and ultimately learn empathy. That’s what I want people to get out of my music. Acceptance and hopefully happiness in someway."

Stream Flux in full below.

Flux is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

For more info. on Corina Seas check out her website.
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