Saturday, September 19, 2015

Danielle Parente - Dark Eyes

Brooklyn-based artist Danielle Parente has just released her sophomore album, Dark Eyes, on Mytrell Records / Red Republic Ent. The 12-track project features collaborations with a variety of producers such as Prince Fox, Choppa Dunks, Boris Muzechuk, Charlie Wan, Sage Atwood, Chris Beats, J-Rob, Blaq Smurph, and Bos Billions.

The album is a journey through a romantic relationship. It starts with lust and seduction. Then, diving in and falling deeply, riding the ups and downs. And in the end, letting go but still having only love for that person. It's about realizing it's far better to have loved and lost then not to have loved at all. That's how you know you are really alive.

"With my new album, Dark Eyes, I wanted to make something that reflected the changes I was feeling emotionally and the things that interest me now musically," explains Danielle. "It's a story of love and loss but with a sense of strength and knowledge of self and ones self-worth. It's about the weight of giving love, in counterbalance with ability to accept love from someone else. It's kind of dark and heavy but with somewhat hopeful undertones."

The album's first single and video, "Very Last Breath (5 Minute Stares)," is a collaboration between Danielle and producer/DJs Prince Fox and Choppa Dunks featuring trip hop and soul influences with an echoing sample of Danielle's vocals throughout. For the video, Danielle reflects her diverse approach to music with a visual that jumps between the color spectrum, from black & white scenes to vibrant neon lights playing with the viewer's eye.

The album also features her recently released cover of the Chris Isaak's 90's classic "Wicked Game," produced by Blaq Smurph (Nicki Minaj, BoB, TI, ChrisBrown), which offers up a female's perspective. PopMatters, who premiered the track, described it as "an audacious and inspired electronic cover… with its slow build that combines electropop and straight-up dance, it has 'club hit' written all over it."

Another highlight from the album is the Sage Atwood produced "Make It Rain," a song about having a certain kind of awareness of your ability to have power or influence over your surroundings. Speaking on the track, Danielle told Sensible Reason"

"This song is about harnessing energy. It’s about having a certain kind of confidence or awareness of your ability to have a sort of power or influence over your surroundings. Whether it be over another person or the weather or even having premonitions about the future. It’s about coming on strong and almost blindsiding someone. It’s about being underestimated". Listen to "Make It Rain" below.

Dark Eyes is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

For more info. on Danielle Parente check out her website.
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