Friday, September 25, 2015

Halsey - New Americana

Halsey, who in case you don't already know by now is the stage name of 20-year-old New Jersey-born singer/songwriter Ashley Frangipane, has just unveiled the post-apocalyptic visuals for her anthemic new single, "New Americana", which serves as the latest single to be taken from her critically acclaimed debut album, Badlands, out now via Astralwerks.

Speaking on the track, Halsey says:

"I think, most importantly, the song is self-aware. It's a satire on a generation that is so poignantly aware it's become a parody. For me, the song mentions my mixed-race upbringing in a very tongue-in-cheek way, 'raised on Biggie and Nirvana'... Overall, it's just a call to arms for the people in this generation (including myself) who used to be a part of counter culture that has become the norm. It's this idea of these kids who are part of a generation where pop culture is so heavily influential that diversity doesn't scare them the way it scared our parents and their parents. We’re more accepting of different walks of life. So I think the New Americana is racially ambiguous, people who are proud of their culture and they own it, possibly not from a binary of gender".

Watch the video for "New Americana", directed by Jodeb, below.

Badlands is available now in both standard and deluxe versions on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can also purchase a Badlands deluxe box set loaded with cool stuff here.

Premiere via MTV.

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