Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lilly Wolf - Terrible Mistake

Brooklyn-based electro-pop trio Lilly Wolf, led by lead vocalist Lilly Wolfson alongside producer Alex Neuhausen, aka Dr. Nu and live drummer Tareq Almulaifi, have just shared another new song from their new album Deleted Scenes called "Terrible Mistake".

Speaking on the album, Lilly told GroundSounds, who exclusively premiered a full stream of the album last week. "The album is about disappearance and information loss. Forgetfulness as a coping mechanism, the warping and dissolution of old memories. The unseen parts of a person's head, the dark invisible mind, the way society is complicit in hiding and rug-sweeping. Things we do that no one sees."

Listen to "Terrible Mistake" below.

Deleted Scenes is available now on iTunes and Bandcamp and Google Play.

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