Friday, October 9, 2015

Denley (feat. Briana Marela) - Following A Lie

San Francisco-based (via Leeds) producer Matt Holt, aka Denley has today unveiled his atmospheric new single titled "Following A Lie", which features guest vocals from Jagjaguwar artist Briana Marela, whose new album, All Around Us, is out now. The single is taken from his forthcoming five-track debut EP, Close, Within Reach, which also features additional collaborations with Tyler Holmes, Swoonz, and Sach, and is due for release on October 16 via Yellow Year Records.

Denley says:

"My parents are originally from Leeds in the north of England. They, and my grandparents alike, described occasionally feeling as though their life was predestined. Billy Bragg described this in his 1983 song 'To Have And to Have Not': "The factories are closing and the army's full / I don't know what I'm going to do / But I've come to see in the Land of the Free / There's only a future for the chosen few..." Men could end up working in a factory for the rest of their life or getting drafted, and women felt as though they were destined for a life of domesticated housewife-dom."

Listen to "Following A Lie" along with Briana's latest single, "Take Care Of Me", below.

Premiere via Clash.

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