Friday, October 9, 2015

Lupa J - Dirty Skin

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, 17-year-old classically trained violinist turned electronic music artist and producer Imogen Jones, aka Lupa J is easily among one of our longtime favorites here at WS headquarters. Ever since we first discovered her music more than a year ago, Lupa J has consecutively released one fantastic single after another and what's more, is with each new song she releases, her music seems to just keeps getting better and better. Her lasted offering is called "Dirty Skin" and it's perhaps one of her darkest and most well-produced songs to date.

Speaking on the track, Lupa J says:

"It's ['Dirty Skin'] based around a very intense past friendship–one that ended up being quite damaging. It's quite an angry song, really, about knowing that someone who's significantly hurt you is trying to convince themselves that nothing they did could have had an impact on you. But. it's also about trying to rise about the situation; recognizing that even better things have come out of the relationship ending. I think friendships that fall apart can be just as painful, if not more painful, than romantic relationships, and people forget that."

Listen to "Dirty Skin" below.

Premiere via Rookie Magazine

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