Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CLAVVS - Pledge Allegiance

Atlanta-based alt-pop duo CLAVVS, comprised of vocalist Amber Renee and four-time Grammy award-winning producer Graham Marsh (Gnarls Barkley, Bruno Mars and T.I.) have today unveiled their soaring and intense new single called "Pledge Allegiance", which also serves as the third track following "Sit You Down" and "Throats" to be lifted from their forthcoming halfblood EP, due out this Spring.

Speaking on the track, Amber Renee says:

"Sometimes my mind feels like a prison, so 'Pledge Allegiance' was a way for me to revel in the war that goes on in my head. The first line came to me right before I got in the shower one day, standing naked in the mirror, criticizing my body in my head. I had this moment where I just realized that I could own the fact that I'm not perfect, that no one is, and use it to build myself up. It led to a whole inner dialogue about the way we build constructs in our own minds that define and limit us. I wanted to write a song about breaking free from all of it. In that respect, 'Pledge Allegiance' is really representative of the vibe of 'halfblood' as a give-no-fucks, take-no-prisoners sort of rebellious anthem. "

Graham Marsh continues by saying:

"With 'Pledge Allegiance' it was really important for me to bring that anthemic vibe to life. I'm inspired by world music sounds, which are the root of this song. We wanted a choir vibe on the hook and thought about bringing other people in to sing it, but ultimately decided it would be more powerful for it just to be Amber's voice stacked with different textures and harmonies."

Listen to "Pledge Allegiance" and check out the video for "Sit You Down" below.

"Pledge Allegiance" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Cloudberry Mornings.

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