Friday, November 13, 2015

Sirena - Primal

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Stephanie Bruno, aka Sirena (not to be confused with the Swedish pop artist of the same name) has just unveiled her new single entitled "Primal", which will be released on November 27th via Imagine Records.

Speaking on the track, Sirena says:

"For me, this song speaks not only of my need for touch but also my need to connect with someone on a very deep mental and spiritual level. Too often in this world we share a part of ourselves with others who simply aren't worthy...

'Primal' outlines my search for 'my king.' Portraying myself in my last song 'Your Kingdom' as a Queen on her throne, I felt it left a door open to the continuation of that story. Once I found all that I needed within myself, I felt a subconscious search begin for someone to share in my Kingdom.

Listen to "Primal" below.

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