Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nabiha - Weapon

Danish superstar Nabiha is back with her powerful new single called "Weapon" and it's an unmistakable anthem.

The platinum-selling pop star and judge on Denmark's Got Talent might not be a household name outside her native Scandinavia, but with 4 UK Urban #1s Nabiha is no stranger to the spotlight. This pop anthem sets the tone for what's to come from the Scandinavian songstress as she further makes her mark on the scene.

On her new single, Nabiha has shed some layers in an attempt to expose more of herself and get more personal with her fans. From using love to defend yourself against a violent world, to the recent painful loss of her father, from danceable club tracks and rap collaborations to epic heartfelt ballads, Nabiha's forthcoming album covers various topics with an undeniable pop sensibility that belies the powerful subject matter.

Nabiha places her music firmly in the pop category, however her multi-layered soulful songs are equally inspired by her Malian heritage and the funk and R&B she listened to as a child.

Listen to "Weapon" below.

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