Monday, February 8, 2016

Blooms - Give Me Up

Making her first foray into 2016, singer/songwriter Louise Cunnane, aka Blooms is today revealing her new single called "Give Me Up", produced by laplace and the first track to be taken from her upcoming sophomore EP, Interim, due out in March.

Blooms began writing music as a child, but crippling stage fright meant putting dreams on hold while finding another path. Her initial tracks were born out of heartache as a relationship with her then boyfriend came to an end. Moving out of their home in Dublin and back to her family home in Mayo, Cunnane used her feelings of loss and despair to create her debut EP titled If, a collection of tracks which details the story of a relationship from beginning to end - from lust to love to letting go.

The past months have been ones of development and upheaval. Since relocating to Hackney, East London from Ireland, Blooms has spent the last few months writing Interim, a process which saw her dig deep into personal feelings on matters such as love, pain and guilt. With live shows planned in London within the next few months, "Give Me Up" serves as the first taste of a bolder, more confident sound by Blooms.

Speaking on the track, Blooms says:

"I don't like to harbour bad feelings, but 'Give Me Up' was definitely written in a moment of anger and desperation. I really wanted to be out of a particular situation and I didn't feel strong enough to make that decision for myself and so I had to ask someone else to do it, to give me up, let me go, make it stop."

Listen to "Give Me Up" below.

Premiere via Nylon.

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