Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Amrit - Mouth

Originally from Perth, Australia but now based in New York City, future pop artist and DJ, Amrit Sidhu, better known as simply just Amrit has today unveiled her new track entitled "Mouth", which once again sees her teaming up with producer Sene (of denitia and sene) who also produced her previously released single "Blow". "Mouth" is lifted from Amrit's forthcoming debut EP, Lies, due out on April 1st

Speaking on the track, Amrit says:

"There is this accepted double standard in society today, especially in music. Men are almost encouraged to be misogynistic, and success is often measured by sexual prowess. Whether it’s subtle or overt, it’s okay as a man. Whereas women are cautioned or slut-shamed for sharing the same tendencies. It’s not really about the act itself, but the freedom as a woman to owning my own sexuality. When writing the song, there was never that moment of ‘Can we say this, can I put this out there?'"

Listen to "Mouth" below.

Premiere via FACT Magazine.

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