Monday, March 14, 2016

Ella On The Run - All That She Wants

Rising London-based alt-pop songstress Stephanie Ella Gautier, aka Ella On The Run has recently released her new single, a rather stunning reinterpretation of Swedish pop group Ace of Base's early 90's global smash hit "All That She Wants".

When asked why she chose to record a cover of "All That She Wants" as her next single, Ella told The 405, who were granted an exclusive premiere of the track last week:

"I was invited to do a Session for Wurd Social and they asked me to do a cover of a retro song. I have vivid memories associated with Ace of Base and I decorated my whole bedroom wall with their posters when I was a little girl, my shrine to them. So 'All That She Wants' was the obvious choice, it had to be. I received so much positive feedback from the session, that I realised I had to record and release it as soon as possible. It is like coming full circle with my childhood.

It all fell into place the first time we rehearsed through it. I had a basic idea of where I felt the chorus should go melodically, as the lyrics are actually quite dark. I wanted the song to reflect this. I played around with some ideas at home and then I literally showed up at rehearsal with a voice note on my phone and the new chorus melody. My amazing band members immediately understood the vibe I was going for. We played through it once and it just felt right. I never tried the original melody, I don't think it would have worked, either.

Listen to "All That She Wants" below and stay tuned more new music from Ella as she is currently working on a new EP, to be released in the very near future.

"All That She Wants" is available now on iTunes.

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