Friday, March 25, 2016

JOME - Brushstroke

Enigmatic Los Angeles-based pop newcomer JOME has just unveiled his debut single called "Brushstroke", which apparently he recorded in the forests of Northern California. There is no doubt that this track is indeed mesmerizing and will leave a lasting impression on all those who hear it, however for us, this is the perfect song to be listening to right now, especially after the hectic, post-SXSW week we've had.

Speaking on the track, JOME says:

"I wanted to make something tangible, something of substance. A song you can wrap your hands around and hold, feel it's weight. Creating the song was like an excavation. I was interested in digging up textures and rhythms that fit together like bones. To me, 'Brushstroke' is about how quickly things can change."

Listen to "Brushstroke" below.

Premiere via Consequence of Sound.

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