Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Paperwhite - On My Own

Following on from their previous single, "Unstoppable", released back in early February, Brooklyn-based dream pop duo Paperwhite, comprised of siblings Katie and Ben Marshall return today with their newest offering titled "On My Own", which was mixed by Chris Zane (St. Lucia, Passion Pit, Friendly Fires). With subtle nods to vintage pop, the plush track is a rally-cry for relief when in despair while once again Katie's exhilarating vocals shines perfectly through the haze, as she belts out on the resilient chorus "I'm drifting through the waves of emotion, so help me out I'm on my own, I'm clinging to the edge of the ocean, so help me out I'm on my own." Both "On My Own" and "Unstoppable" will appear on the duo's forthcoming second EP, Escape, due out later this spring.

Speaking on the track, Katie expalins:

"['On My Own'] comes from a place of longing for contact. When something feels just out of reach, or when we’re not quite sure what we’re looking for, it becomes that much harder to find. When you're at your lowest point, it's about pushing through, holding on, extending your hand hoping someone will take it."

Listen to "On My Own" below.

"On My Own" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Noisey.


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