Friday, March 4, 2016

Satellite Mode - Fair

New York City-based duo Satellite Mode (formerly known as Aeroplane Mode) was born out of a need for personal escape and solace.

Comprised of classically trained musicians Jess (vocals) and Alex (production) - both were a part of two different worlds prior to the group's inception: Jess, a solo singer-songwriter and Alex, a white collar consultant. After meeting in the hallways of One World Trade Center, the two struck up a friendly partnership to create music based on shared passions for songwriting and storytelling.  

The project started out a hobby but life changed drastically with tragedy striking in Jess' family. This event caused a cataclysmic shift in the duo's writing style resulting in intense focus and purpose. Tracks were no longer created casually, but rather as tactful compositions serving as a tool to cope with the realities of life, love and loss. 

Now following the release of their previous two singles, "Wild Excuses" and "Aphrodite" - both of which received wide praises throughout the blogging community, with the latter landing on Spotify's global top 50 viral charts, Satellite Mode return today with their third single called "Fair", which according to the single's press release, was composed and recorded in their home studio that is not much bigger than a college dorm room.  The lyrics were written on the spot in a freestyle manner, with the verses being recorded in their original form in a single take. This allows the song to release deep seeded anger and frustration; to express honesty bluntly and unapologetically. 

Listen to "Fair" along with Bahner's remix of "Aphrodite" below.

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