Wednesday, April 20, 2016

KYOSi - Just Lines

After releasing her previous single, "Early Riser" back in late January, which Going Solo accurately described as exactly that kind of song that you never get tired of listening to. New York City-based indie pop artist Dani DiCiaccio, aka KYOSi returns today with her brand new single entitled "Just Lines", which tells a personal story about the confusion KYOSi felt as a result of growing up with parents that didn’t get along. The track once again sees her teaming up with producer Richie Beretta, who in the past has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Diplo and Major Lazer.

Speaking on the track, KYOSi says:

"I'd been thinking a lot about family and the ways that affection gets muddled and confused amidst arguing and fighting. Sometimes people love each other so much but can’t get it together or make it work, it can be tragic. When I sat down to noodle in Ableton, those thoughts and feelings came together pretty quickly in this specific song and lyric. I must have been walking around with it in my head for a while."

Listen to "Just Lines" below

Premiere via PopWrapped.

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