Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Slovenlie - Disaster

Introducing South London-based artist and producer Slovenlie who has just unveiled her debut single, "Disaster", which was mixed by Richard Formby (Darkstar, Zola Blood) and is out now via Celerity Records.

Slovenlie was born in the back of a car, just outside of Newcastle and grew up in Glastonbury until she was expelled from school at the age of 14 and in her own words, "exiled to London" where she has remained ever since. Classically trained from an early age and with a lifelong love of the intense, moody compositions of Bartók, Slovenlie, now in her early twenties, writes, produces and performs all of her music. Having since delved into more electronic soundscapes, she also counts the icy electronic atmospheres of Fever Ray, John Talabot and Moderat together with Bjork and Grimes among her many influences, as well as industrial gods Nine Inch Nails and post-punk pioneers Joy Division and New Order. Another influence for Slovenlie comes from somewhere you might not expect. “I have a mega OCD that affects all aspects of my life," she reveals, "including how I make music. All my programming has to revolve around certain numbers and patterns, which can make writing either quick and decisive or insanely slow and painstaking. Automation values will drive me to insanity." Slovenlie is currently in the studio with Neil McLellan (The Prodigy) and Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers, Leftfield) so expect to hear much more from her soon.

Listen to "Disaster" below.

"Disaster" is available now on iTunes while a remix EP with remixes from Max Cooper and Affelaye will be released on May 25th .

Premiere via The 405.

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