Thursday, April 14, 2016

THANKS - Dizzy

Introducing Danish production duo THANKS, who adopted their name as a way for them to say thanks for the music they're influenced by, thanks to the people they collaborate with and thanks to the people who listen to their music. Comprised of Anders and Anders, both were also former members of another successful Danish group who put quite the spell on us as well as many others some years ago and left us all feeling a bit of fascination.

Now signed to Copenhagen Records, THANKS have today unveiled their debut single, "Dizzy", an energetic and bouncy dance-pop track that draws inspiration from house, funk, and soul. In order to construct this first single - they set up four simple studios, and over the course of two days various musicians worked together in different sessions - lasting no more than two hours, before swapping teams to create as many musical ideas as possible. Having created their own record pool to sample from, Anders and Anders set about picking their favorite bits and fitting them all together as a giant musical puzzle/original mashup. All the ideas where used as they were, nothing was re-recorded and as a result the song has five different singers and seven writers.

Listen to "Dizzy" below.

Premiere via The Line of Best Fit.

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