Friday, May 20, 2016

Emily Vaughn - What Do You Want

Following on from last year's release of her previous two singles, "Hollow" and "Better Off", 21-year-old Nashville-based pop artist Emily Vaughn makes a welcome return today after quite a long hiatus with her new single, "What Do You Want". The new single tells the true story of Emily's personal struggle while in a degrading and harmful professional relationship. "What Do You Want" has since grown out of its original context into a song meant for all people in situations that include jobs, friendships, relationships, and more.

Speaking on the track, Emily says:

"This is more than a song. This an anthem of my self worth. Being written off an extremely difficult professional relationship, this song is a final declaration to that person (people): I'm walking away, and I'm creating my own way. I truly hope this song encourages my listeners to learn and value their worth, to know when they're being taken advantage of, and to summon the strength to walk away-regardless of how hard it is."

Listen to "What Do You Want" below.

"What Do You Want" is available now on iTunes.

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