Monday, May 9, 2016

Leena Ojala - Poison Words

Having been on our radar for quite some time now and after already releasing a series of impressive singles so far this year such as "Little Place", "Rock Solid" and "Together We Have It No More", London-based singer/songwriter and producer Leena Ojala now returns with the unveiling her latest single entitled "Poison Words", a call to arms track to anyone who has been a victim of verbal abuse.

Speaking on the track, Leena says:

"'Poison Words' is a song about people who think it's ok to verbally abuse someone close to you, apologise afterwards and then act like nothing happened. No, it's not ok. Explaining that 'I didn't mean it' and being 'in a bad mood' doesn't cut it, the damage is done."

Listen to "Poison Words" along with Paul Gilmore's remix of the single below.

Premiere via Vulture Hound.

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