Thursday, June 9, 2016

King Deco - Needed Me

New York-based Jordanian indie pop songstress Dana Salah, aka King Deco returns today following her steel drum driven single "Castaway", released earlier this year, with a stunning cover of Rihanna's "Needed Me." Produced in collaboration with New Immunity and Dulsae, her rendition is a fluttery, idyllic version of the original hit, stripped down and accentuated with moody and ambient echoing backing vocals. King Deco's sugary sweet voice complements the scathing lyrics, the contrasting elements adding depth and balance to an alluring and well-crafted cover.

Speaking on the cover, King Deco says:

"As soon as I heard 'Needed Me' there was something so Middle Eastern about that hook melody that just pulled me in. I recorded my own acapella version right then and there. A couple months later when I was ready to share it with the world I reached out to New Immunity (who killed a remix of my last song 'Castaway') and Dul Sae to produce around it."

Listen to "Needed Me" below.

Premiere via Idolator.

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