Friday, June 10, 2016

KING - Promise

Introducing KING (aka, Gabriela Olmedo Catalán), a Danish singer/songwriter with Cuban and Chilean heritage and oddly enough, whose uncle was one of Fidel Castro's bodyguards. Today, KING has shared her absolutely stunning debut single entitled "Promise", which was produced by Marcus Borrman of SMNM (See Me No More) and For BDK.

Speaking on the track, KING says:

"The truth is not always visible, and when it comes to love it can be hard to know whether people's intentions are the same as yours. In a world where a laugh is not necessarily a laugh and a smile is not that truthful anymore, stating 'promise you'll lead me along' is a vow we all need to be able to love and feel loved."

Listen to "Promise" below.

"Promise" will be released on June 17th via Quarterback Entertainment

Premiere via The 405.

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