Wednesday, June 15, 2016

RENDERS - Running Through The Night

Hailing from Peterborough, a city located in Ontario, Canada, electro-pop artist and producer Kelly McMichael, aka RENDERS (formerly of Gentleman Reg and Rouge) has today unveiled her new single called "Running Through The Night", which also serves as the first track to be lifted from her forthcoming self-titled debut EP, due out on July 8th.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Kelly explains:

"The song is my 'take back the night' anthem, inspired by SlutWalk, dedicated to empowering those of us who feel vulnerable walking at night, and to protest victim-blaming. Almost all of my songs are soul soothers, either for myself or for others. The messages range from, 'it's ok to feel lonely,' to 'fuel up to take on the world when you feel it's pushing against you.' This one was for slut-shaming, victim-blaming, rape culture, and the idea that sometimes women need to go places at night and a cab isn't an option, so maybe we could sing this anthem to ourselves while we are walking, channel an energy that leaves us untouchable, or find another female (or feminine/vulnerable individual), team up and take over the streets. Claim the space and refuse to be refined to your clothing/femaleness. Refuse to feel like prey.

It's not encouraging women to go walking alone at night in dangerous neighbourhoods, but often we have no choice, or we just want to live our damn lives and we enjoy walking. The first thing people tell women is to "be careful," like we are supposed to stay inside when there is a sexual assault threat, and sometimes I just feel so powerless, like it's our responsibility to stay safe. We need to talk more about why women are made into targets, why men are growing into predators, and shift that responsibility of dealing with rape culture.

Listen to "Running Through The Night" along with her previous single, "I Am Gone" below.

Pre-order RENDERS' debut EP on Bandcamp.

Premiere via Chart Attack.

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