Friday, July 8, 2016

Allie X - All the Rage

Having already delivered gems such as "Too Much To Dream" and "Old Habits Die Hard", Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Alexandra Hughes, aka Allie X returns today with another upbeat and irresistibly catchy pop anthem called "All The Rage", which also serves as the lead single to be lifted from her forthcoming album CollXtion II’.

According to the single's press release, Allie X is also working on CollXtion II unsolved, a collaboration between artist and fan, which allows fan’s comments and input to form part of the creative discussion and their feedback will help shape the final version of CollXtion II.

Speaking on the track, Allie X says:

"'All the Rage' is the night where you channel a lifetime of rejection and failure and turn it into something fantastic. While in the all the rage state of mind, you are encouraged to be manic, ridiculous and let your delusions guide you!"

Listen to "All the Rage" below.

"All the Rage" is available now on iTunes.

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