Thursday, August 11, 2016

ACTRESE - The Month

Introducing London-based newcomer ACTRESE, who has today unveiled her debut single called "The Month", an hypnotic alt-pop track which combines minimal electronic production with delicate and haunting left-field vocals to create a truly unique listening experience.

Speaking on the track, ACTRESE says:

"You know that person in your life that is everything to you, makes you feel extremely safe and at the same time lying to you and controlling every thought you might have and not letting you ask them any questions. A person who then makes you think that you're the crazy one and you need to change. 'The Month' is a relationship song I thought I'd never write. After feeling disconnected with my dreams, thoughts and emotions for a few months, like my whole life was a panic attack, I felt myself again in 30 minutes that wrote it. It is my perfect closure and a reminder of my freedom and who I am."

Listen to "The Month" below and stay tuned for more new music from ACTRESE as she is currently working on her debut EP, slated to drop later this year via Factory Flaws, the same label founded by our friends at Going Solo and who first introduced us to Giungla.

Premiere via Gigslutz.

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