Thursday, August 4, 2016

Caitlyn Scarlett - Rust

Having first come to our attention way back in 2014 with her single "Bad Love" off her debut EP, Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs, London-based singer/songwriter Caitlyn Scarlett now returns with her new single, "Rust". Produced by Jack Gourlay (Tom Odell, Jack Garrett and Chlöe Howl), the song tells a haunting and raw story about love while Caitlyn's signature soulful vocals effortlessly draw you in to her brand of emotive downbeat pop which has seen her earn fans far and wide and even collaborate with Shakka, Idris Elba and DJ Vice.

Speaking on the track, Caitlyn says:

"Writing 'Rust' was therapy for me. It's about that very sad point that some relationships reach, where both people grow in a separate direction and things become beyond repair. Especially if there’s been a betrayal of trust. I’m a hopeless romantic so when my first relationship ended, it shattered a lot of my idillic beliefs about love and how the story of my life was going to look. I've spent so much time mentally pacing down memory lane, at times it’s felt like my address."

Listen to "Rust" below.

Premiere via The Independent.

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