Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Slow Sugar - Hypnotic Love

Introducing New York-based duo Slow Sugar, comprised of vocalist Danielle Harris and multi-instrumentalist/producer Alex Utay. Having first met at a chance meeting in a student jazz combo at the University of Pennsylvania, the pair have rapidly been proving their worth among the seemingly endless supply of NYC hopefuls clawing for their chance at stardom. Blending together a carefully crafted alternative pop sound with indie sensibilities, Slow Sugar now come bursting onto the scene with their sultry first single called "Hypnotic Love", which also serves as the first taste of their forthcoming debut EP that they recorded this past Winter with producer Jon Buscema and is expected to drop later this summer.

Speaking on the track, singer Danielle Harris says:

"'Hypnotic Love' came from spending 48 hours straight in my now-ex-boyfriend's bedroom when we had just started dating. The song captures the experience of intense infatuation with another person, where being around them alters your state of consciousness."

Listen to "Hypnotic Love" below.

Premiere via Idolator.

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