Wednesday, September 28, 2016

CHINAH - Can't Remember How It Feels

Following their critically acclaimed debut EP, Once The Lights Are On, released earlier this year on Copenhagen-based label No.3, Hotly-tipped Danish electronic pop trio CHINAH return today with their new single called "Can't Remember How It Feels", which is jam packed with an addictive melody that floats with playful guitars and shimmering synths.

Speaking on the track, the band says:

"Lyrically, the song is about being out of touch with your feelings. With age comes the realization that most things have an ending, and the song is written in that 'realist' state of mind where you seem to have forgotten the childish fantasy of romantic love as invincible and ever-lasting. Relationships end, friendships change over time, and ideas of life you thought would stick to your mind suddenly seem pointless and vauge. This realization hits you transiently, but when it happens it feels really intense."

Listen to "Can't Remember How It Feels" below.

Premiere via DIY.

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