Tuesday, September 20, 2016

LACES - Screw Me

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jessie Poland, aka LACES, who previously performed under the pseudonym Charlotte Sometimes, has just recently shared her highly infectious and radio-ready alt-pop anthem called "Screw Me", which follows her two previously released pro-female tracks "Freedom" and "Some Body (2 f*ck)", released earlier this summer.

Speaking on the track, LACES says:

"The track is a second take on an older LACES song 'Love Me Sober'. When I originally wrote 'Love Me Sober' the narrative was more victim-ish and vulnerable and as time progressed I felt like I wanted to give the narrator more power. I liked the idea of making the song more of an anthem and less of a tear jerker."

Listen to "Screw Me" below.

"Screw Me" is available now on iTunes.


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