Friday, September 16, 2016

PUSHER (feat. CAPPA) - Fences

Toronto-based producer and all-around jack-of-all-trades PUSHER has today released his debut EP, New Laces via Black Butter Records, which includes his three previously released singles "Clear" featuring rising New York City-based singer Mothica, "Tell You" with Hunnah and "Shake Down", a collaboration with South African rapper Push Push.

Through these three singles, PUSHER pushes (pun intended) the definition of what it means to be a producer, with part of his genius coming from being able to identify rising vocal talent from around the world. His self-described "neon" style mixes influences of Trap, Pop, 90s R&B, Jazz (and loads more), and brings everything together under one cohesive energetic, colorful, and bass-driven style not quite like anything else on the current musical landscape.

His six-track EP weaves together his unique aesthetic, with each song telling a different story. "I spent a long time developing the overall aesthetic of this EP and crafting a diverse but coherent group of songs with the various singers," PUSHER says about his record. "Moving forward I’m going to continue to expand the Pusher universe creatively and to refine my writing style, as well as collaborating with lots of exciting new musicians."​​

Listen to his latest single, "Fences" featuring Nashville-based popstress CAPPA (who also released her new EP of her own today too titled Queen Of Hearts) below.

Purchase a copy of Pusher's New Laces on iTunes.

Premiere via Complex.

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