Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dominique - If I Could Go Back

New York City-based singer/songwriter and producer Dominique continues to impress on her latest single, "If I Could Go Back", a lush and throbbing electronic pop gem that once again showcases her feathery vocals. "If I Could Go Back" also serves as the third single followining her previous two tracks, "Love You Better" and "Good Girl" to be taken from her much-anticipated debut EP, due out later this year.

Speaking on the track, Dominique says:

"The idea for the song came to me while I was thinking about my time spent in college, and how the first couple of years I was a bit shy and quiet. I had moved to NYC after living in the same city in Florida my whole life, so it was a huge change and I was often very insecure in public settings. Now that I’m more adjusted, I wish I could go back and relive those moments without feeling afraid. The entire chorus melody kind of just popped into my head all at once – I didn’t really sit down and try to write it. I finished all the production and writing for the song in a couple of days. It all came very naturally."

Listen to "If I Could Go Back" along with Manotett's remix of "Love You Better" below.

Premiere + a must-read interview via HighClouds

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