Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grand Pavilion - Touch

Australian-bred, London-based production duo Grand Pavilion, comprised of Tom Hunt and Stuart McNair, return today with their gorgeous new single called "Touch", which weaves together dreamy production and delicate vocal melody arrangements to help portray feelings of suffocation and a strong desire to break free and explore. The single is also accompanied by a music video that was produced by DECA and created for the STA Travel Sounds 'Artist Feature' series. Directed by Cameron Alexander with cinematography by Patrick Lawler, the video follows the relationship between two dancers and their personal struggle with a strong desire to experience more. The dancer's silhouettes sit beautifully against shots of foreign cities and serene nature scenes, and each time their bodies meet it’s like an electrical current that wakes them from their own limitations, revealing a world of endless possibilities.

Speaking on the track, the duo says:

The song is about chasing summer and how we daydream about being able to leave our daily life behind and just go explore the world, and then realising that we actually can just pack our bags and leave any time we like."

Listen and watch the music video for "Touch" below.

"Touch is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Earmilk.

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