Monday, October 17, 2016

Pola Rise - Behind

Polish artist Pola Rise has just recently unveiled her brand new single called "Behind", which also serves as the first piece of original music she has shared since her debut EP, The Power of Coincidence, was released in early 2015. Opening up with jangly piano keys and a mesmeric Björk-esque vocal, "Behind" is an instantly warm and joyful song rich in bombastic horns, layered synths and mementos of motivation.

On stage Pola Rise accompanies MANOID, a producer who transfers sounds of nature into synthetic sounds and changes emotions into sine waves. Pola introduced her sensitivity and unique sensibility to the sound, her soft voice perfectly matching the style of MANOID and takes the listeners into a fascinating journey with every note. Together, they create a sophisticated combination of two opposite elements and despite the difference of characters, these two are bound by mutual inspirations.

Listen to "Behind" below.

"Behind" is available now on iTunes.

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