Saturday, November 5, 2016

iamBADDLUCK - Oath

Originally hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, iamBADDLUCK went from performing Rachmaninoff's third concerto as a classical pianist to creating her own brand of soaring dark pop - best described as "Wicca Pop". Now based in Los Angeles and managed by CherryTree Music Company, iamBADDLUCK has just unleashed her debut single, "Oath", a sinister love song produced by Rob Persaud (Sabrina Carpenter, Molly King, Jordan Fisher).

Speaking on the track, iamBADDLUCK says:

"I'm a go big or go home type of person and that includes when it comes to love. 'Oath' is me saying 'oh you wanna date me? Well, that’s cute. Why don’t you prove yourself first? You know, swear your soul to me in perpetuity, have a little séance and then we can go to dinner and a movie...'"

Listen to "Oath" below and be prepared to be spellbound.

Premiere via We Found New Music.

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