Thursday, November 3, 2016

KAYE - Parakeeter

Following on from the recent release of her 5-song debut EP, Honey, New-York-based singer/songwriter Charlene Kaye, aka KAYE (who is also the frontwoman for San Fermin) has today shared her fiery new single called "Parakeeter", produced by Elliott Jacobson (Vérité, Allie X, KNGDAVD). Along with the single, KAYE has also unveiled its accompanying lyric video aimed at Donald Trump and with artwork and animation done herself.

Speaking on the track, KAYE says:

"For a while, I’ve been thinking about how people who talk the most are often those with the least to say. There's elegance in restraint, just as there’s garishness in excess. It’s one thing to talk for the sake of talking - but when the impulse to say anything for attention escalates into racism, sexism, xenophobia and bragging about how you can do anything you want to a woman's body if you're famous, one can no longer dismiss them as 'just words.' Words have lasting effects and reverberate long after they’ve been said. And anyone who claims he has 'the best words' should know that.

I'm excited to cast my vote for Hillary, whose experience, sharpness, compassion and work ethic all make her suited to be an amazing president (who will also happen to be the first female president!) We are too human and too good to let her opponent win. It's never been more important that our voices be heard - so here is mine, in the form of both vote and song. Enjoy.

Watch the video "Parakeeter" below and be sure to cast your vote on November 8th!.

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